Best Earbuds for Kids

Studies have shown that music can help the development of children’s brains, including cognitive skills, language abilities, and even physical development. But the earbuds used to listen to music should provide the necessary protection from loud music so that little ears can be safe.

If you’re worried about your kids’ hearing or need a great birthday gift idea for a little one, these are the most popular earbuds for kids.

“What makes these earbuds best for kids is their full spectrum of noise cancellation, comfort, volume-limiting feature, and easy controls.

10 Best Earbuds for Kids

1. LilGadgets BestBuds

LilGadgets BestBuds

LilGadgets BestBuds is the most kid-friendly, high-quality, volume-limited earbuds on the market of 2022. Its soft silicone ear tips offer comfort to the little ears while providing a free range of motion to minimize distraction. It has a volume limiter that assures your kids are always listening to music at a safe volume. In addition, this earbud set comes with a tangle-free cable and a hard travel case. Therefore, keeping things nice and neat for everyday use. 

Also, it has a SharePort Adaptor that works with any brand of headphones or earbuds to enable simple audio sharing between friends.

No more sore ears

Each great pair of LilGadgets is made to fit little ears and come with silicone ear tips. Your kids will get a comfortable, no-pressure fit when they put these in their ears. And since they don’t use foam ear tips like the cheap brands, there is no possibility of an earache.

Safe for young ears

When kids want to listen to music, they typically crank up the volume and blast it. Not anymore…the LilGadgets BestBuds is specifically made to protect children’s sensitive ears with a volume-limited feature. This prevents kids from listening to harmful decibel levels.

Relief from tangled cords

Kids love listening to music, but they don’t love the tangle that headphones can get into. Fortunately, LilGadgets BestBuds lets kids get up and move with the freedom of a tangle-free cord. The design is perfect for kids and their tiny ears with a no-tangle flat cable. Therefore, allowing them to focus on playing, not untangling.


The longevity of this product underwhelms some customers. Especially, whose kids are rough on things. But the company’s online return policy is legendary. In most cases, the company accepts returns without question.

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2. Symphonized Kids

Symphonized Kids

Introduce children to the rich acoustic world of symphonies with these cute wooden earbuds. The audio is crisp, clean, and clear. The visual aesthetics of these earbuds is a beautiful combination of natural wood and a patented construction that allows a comfortable child’s aural experience. In addition, the volume limiter lets kids enjoy their music at a safe level and prevents them from having the music too loud. Therefore, reducing the risk of hearing damage.

Beautiful aesthetics

These earbuds deliver a new level of aesthetics. The earbud covers are skillfully handcrafted with real wood. Their colors are treated with natural oil to create a beautiful pattern. The painting process is varnished with shellac man-made resin to complete the natural look.

Safe for kids hearing

Symphonized Kids products feature 85db volume limiters that meet the recommended limits for hearing safety. Therefore, you have the assurance that your toddler is listening to all the great content on his iPad without damaging his little ears.

Blocks out noise

Another great functionality of this earpiece set is the symphonized noise isolating technology. It blocks out noise. Therefore, protecting your child’s audiological health and, most importantly, their hearing. 


In the opinion of some parents, Symphonized earbuds do not last very long. In addition, they say, the tips do not fit tiny and tight ear openings very well.

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3. JVC Gumy

JVC Gumy

Introducing JVC Gumy Earbuds, your new kids’ favorite earbuds! These cute and fun, tangle-free earbuds are a wearable treat your kids will love! The sound is excellent, too, with high-quality speakers that produce crisp stereo sound. There’s a pair for everyone with eight different color combos and matching colored ear tips. In addition, their gentle nature makes them ideal for long study sessions, long plane trips, and long commutes.

Match your style

The best earbuds for kids, JVC Gumy, come in 8 different colors and sizes. Your kids will love these colorful earbuds that look like candy–each pair comes with a random color. Your kids can match them to their school clothes or their mood. Best of all, they sound great!

Comfy fit for delicate ears

They are super comfy in a kid’s delicate ears. And come with a 3.3 ft cord that does not tangle. In addition, the three pairs of silicone tips really fit snugly. They won’t fall out, even during playtime in the backyard or on the playground.

Crisp stereo sound

JVC’s Gumy earbuds let kids hear better than ever. Crisp, clear sound where they’re meant to hear it, extra volume without the risk of hearing damage, and a safer ear tip fit allow them to enjoy their music safely and with confidence.


People complain that the quality of music through these earbuds is not high enough for sophisticated tastes. But is fine for listening to simple songs and online classes. Despite this minor flaw, most parents find these affordable earbuds a viable option for their kids.

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4. Joysico Sports Earbuds

Joysico Sports Earbuds

Joysico Sport Headphones are specially made for kids who love listening to music while running, playing, and exercising. These headphones are also suitable for adults who want to do physical activities like yoga or dance. The earbuds are lightweight and stay firmly in your ears even when you’re sweating. They will never slip even if your child runs a marathon or plays football with his friends.

Does not slip away from the ears

Joysico Sport Headphones are perfect for sports and outdoor use. The soft silicone earbuds won’t hurt the little one’s ears. And it comes with a shirt clip so your headphones don’t completely fall off. Its wrap-around ear design, secure fit, and high quality sound mean the earbud stays in during even the most active kids’ playtime. Therefore, making this earbud set perfect for jump rope, soccer, karate, biking, or just hanging out outside.

Long-lasting build quality

These sport earbuds are made for kids. They’re designed to hold up against kids’ tough lives. The thick, matte cable won’t tangle. And it’s sweatproof, so it won’t get messed up when (inevitably) they jump in puddles or go running through the sprinklers. They are also compatible with any device with a standard 3.5 mm audio jack — that means most laptops, smartphones, tablets, iPods, mp3 players, and more.

Noise-isolation silicone tips

The earbuds are embedded with noise-isolation silicone. Therefore, providing an extra barrier from surrounding noise and providing deep bass, which you won’t hear in many other headphones. The earset delivers a big sound and superb bass. We tested them on a variety of audio sources — from TV shows to classical music — and that’s precisely the kind of performance we heard.

In addition, each pair comes with three sizes of silicone ear tips. Therefore, there’s a comfortable fit for all ears. And an equal amount of noise isolation, regardless of ear shape.


Because the wrap-around design makes it more difficult for kids to put on themselves, some children do not like to wear them. Children with disabilities or those who are very small may find the headphones challenging to use.

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5. Avantree HS134 Mini

Avantree HS134 Mini

Don’t let your kids squeeze those big earpieces in their little ears.

The HS134 Mini earbuds from Avantree are the most comfortable and sound best for kids with small ears. The unique design offers comfortable listening for a long time. The earbuds are made of soft silicone rubber materials, which are water-resistant and durable. Therefore, providing good durability for long-term use.

Young listeners will have no problems when it comes to listening intently, whether they’re catching up on their favorite tunes or doing their math homework. All thanks to this kid-friendly earbud set.

Ideal for kids with really tiny ear hole openings

The Avantree HS134 Mini is a great pair of earphones for kids or anyone with small ear cavities. Its ergonomic C-shaped polypropylene ear loops stabilize the earphones in place. Therefore, there’s no need to force or adjust the kid’s ears. In addition, the padded earbuds cover 80% of the ear’s surface to fit tiny ears comfortably.

Reliability guaranteed with an IPX7 rating

Forget about boring headphones that don’t fit right or fall out when you’re working out—meet the HS134. IPX7 rating makes it sweatproof, water-resistant, and great for exercise. They fit securely in your child’s ears without any rough edges, making them great for workouts. Plus, they even come with handy silicone ear tips so juniors can use them to make calls safely on the school bus. And at only 14 grams per earbud, they won’t weigh them down.

Tailored specifically for young listeners

These headphones are specially designed for kids, and children feel comfortable with them as they are lightweight, and the pressure on the little ears is not too heavy. The earbuds are made of soft materials, which do not squeeze or pinch children’s ears. Therefore, ears do not hurt.


Although most people have no major complaints against these earbuds, some say the battery life is too short. Others wish that it charged more quickly.

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6. Romatiteens True Wireless Earbuds

Romatiteens kid earbuds

These wireless in-ear buds are great for any kid. They are comfortable, fun to wear, and have good sound quality. You can easily change the earbud tips, and the battery lasts long. The design of these earbuds is adorable. And they come in premium packaging, which you will appreciate on the birthday of your kids. These earphones are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices making them versatile too.

Great for gift giving purpose

Romatiteens earbuds are crafted with a visually pleasing design that is just as enjoyable to look at as it is to use. They have cute cat earbud covers and a black silicon charging case for storing the earbuds when not in use. Therefore, the earbuds are great for gifting your kid at their Christmas or Birthday party.

Customizable fit for different ear sizes

Let your little ragers listen to their favorite music or podcasts in peace with Romatiteens True Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds are made in a way that will not fall off the ears of kids. They feature a secure, custom fit with a choice of 3 ear sizes. Therefore, providing a snug fit for small, medium, and large ear canals.

Extended playback time

When it comes to kids and their tech-filled lives, there’s no having enough. With up to 24 hours of standby time and 6 hours of playback time from just a single 2-hour charge, these earbuds make it easy to keep the tunes going all day long. In addition, your little ones will enjoy the freedom and carefree spirit of being wireless with these comfortable, reliable wireless earbuds.


These earbuds are ideal for children. However, some customers have noted that you can only pair each earbud with one device at a time. You’ll need to disconnect from the current device before you can connect it to another one.

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7. DTMNEP Unicorn Earbuds

DTMNEP Unicorn Earbuds

DTMNEP Unicorn Earbuds are perfect headphones for unicorn lovers or small girls. It is so cute with nice rainbows and bright colors. You won’t see these unicorn earbuds anywhere else but here! The ultimate gift or stocking stuffer for a daughter, sister, niece, or best friend. Comfortable ear gel tips make wearing it all day very easy. In addition, the in-line controls allow kids to easily switch songs, adjust the volume, and answer calls without taking phones out of their pocket.

Ideal gift for little girls

DTMNEP Unicorn Earbuds are sure to make any little girl’s day a little brighter. Cute rainbows and bright colors make these earbuds simply irresistible to your darling daughter. The unicorn design will impress not just your daughter’s friends but also put a smile on their faces as well.

Easily accessible controls

No more fumbling around to pause music, adjust volume, or even answer a call. With in-line controls, the little ones can have both hands free for the important stuff like miming along with their favorite songs.

No more ear discomfort

The super cute and fun Unicorn earbuds make listening to music a joyful experience for kids ages 4 and up. The cord is covered in soft rubber to provide added durability. And the ergonomic earbuds make listening a breeze. They feature cute unicorns on each earbud. And are thoughtfully designed to keep external background noise out. Therefore, your little one can listen to their favorite tunes in comfort.


The quality of these earbuds tends to decline fairly rapidly. It is common for users to experience one or both sides ceasing to function after a few weeks or months.

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8. PUZMUG Earbuds

PUZMUG Earbuds

Are you in search of budget-friendly earbuds for kids? Your search ends here with the PUZMUG brand. For just around 10 bucks, you get 5 pairs of earbuds which is ideal if you want multiple pairs for your kids. These earbuds carry good sound quality, an in-line mic, and has a one-touch button control that comes very handy.

Get five earsets for the price of one

You get 5 Pairs of earbuds for the price of one. If lost, the whole family can use the same set without worrying about it. No more arguing with the kids, just grab another pair and let everyone enjoy their music. This is truly an investment that pays off over and over again.

Universal button control

Say hello to the easiest kid-friendly earbuds. One button, right in the cord, lets kids answer calls, adjust volume, call for Google Assistant or Siri, and swipe music through their phones. The manufacturer has eliminated tangled wires and complicated controls so that all kids have to do is pop the earbuds in and start using them.

Clear sound quality with active bass

The price is extremely low compared to other brands, but the sound is crisp and clear with an active bass. This good pair of earbuds make it easier and more enjoyable for kids to listen to music, watch videos, or engage in online classes.


Some customers complain that its nylon-braided cable is too thin to be tolerant of accidental pulling or yanking.

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9. Kurdene Small Wireless Earbuds

Kurdene Small Wireless Earbuds

Let your kids make the most of their outdoor adventures with the Kurdene Small Wireless Earbuds. With an IPX8 rating, kids can enjoy them whether they are swimming in the pool or grooving to the music in the rain. The earsets are comfortable thanks to their 6 pairs of interchangeable ear tips for all sizes of ears. And they’re easy to use with their smart touch control sensors.

Durable and waterproof design

Kurdene Small Wireless earbuds are the perfect gift for your kids. The connection is stable and secure, even in water. Even if the earbud falls into a puddle, fountain, or part of the pool, it will not malfunction. You also don’t need to worry about damage caused to the earbuds by falling on the floor because they are IPX8 rated.

With up to 30 hours of playback time, a charging case that is waterproof against IPX6, and a one-year warranty… no one will ever have to stop your kids from listening to their favorite music.

Smart touch controls

You might love your earbuds, but can you say the same about your kids? Therefore, Kurdene created these kid-friendly earpieces to give little ones a better experience. These earbuds are best for kids, and it shows. The smart touch control sensors will play/pause music when a hand is placed on the bud and skip to the next song with a double-touch gesture. The touch-command gestures for these earbuds are detailed in the included instruction booklet.

Custom fit for all ears

How often do you offer your child something for them to listen to their favorite music, but the earbuds are too painful to wear? Kurdene Small Wireless Earbuds promise a secure and comfortable fit. This makes it great for all kid ear sizes. It comes with 6 pairs of silicone ear tips of different sizes. Therefore, the child can select the perfect one that stays on their ears.


Some kids found the touch controls on this product tricky to learn and hard to use in practice.

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10. Joymiso Earbuds

Joymiso 12ft Extra Long Cord Earbuds

Aimed at children 6 years old and up, the Joymiso earbuds are built to do one thing: provide fun without the worry of them being damaged. From its reinforced jack to its sturdy flat cable, the Joymiso earbuds will last for years. Even with frequent use. The audio quality is superb and is presented in a fun way with easy to use controls. All of this coupled with their stylish design, will leave your kids feeling cool and happy with their new headphones.

Sturdy and durable

Joymiso earbuds use a sturdy flat cable construction that resists tangling and ensures long life. The reinforced gold plated straight plug perfectly fits the iPhone and iPad, providing optimal sound quality. The handy carrying case keeps the earbuds neat and tidy while on the move.

Perfect fit with both kids and adults

The perfect earbuds for kids, the Joymiso Earbuds feature comfortable ear tips small enough to fit preschoolers and big enough to fit grown adults. Six differently sized ear tips ensure a long-lasting, secure fit for optimal sound quality.

Easy to control

What makes Joymiso earbuds so easy to use? Three in-line buttons, conveniently located at the top, promote safe listening and make it easy for kids to control volume, answer calls and change songs.


Some users have complained that their earbuds arrive broken. But if they do, you can get a free replacement within the first year of purchase.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Earbuds For Kids

There are lots of factors to consider when buying earphones for kids. The right earbud headphones can make a huge difference in the life of your child, or anyone else on your shopping list. It may seem like just another boring purchase, but it is actually an important decision. Earbuds have a wide variety of applications that are perfect for use with kids.

If you decide to shop online for earbuds for children, consider the following points before making a purchase:

Volume Limit Feature

In order to understand the impact of volume-limiting headphones, one must know why they are important in the first place.

According to NIOSH, “Sound levels above 85 decibels have been shown to damage hearing; prolonged exposure to high sound levels can lead to permanent damage in as little as an hour.

Volume-limiting headphones for kids will help to protect them from noise-induced hearing loss, which is a common problem among children and teenagers. The volume-limited earbuds can also protect young ears from potential damage caused by unsafe listening levels. It does this by limiting the maximum sound volume at 85dB, which is the maximum safe listening level for 8 hours per day.

Therefore, when you’re looking at buying a pair of earbuds, ensure that they are equipped with a volume limit feature. This is especially important if you are buying them for someone who is young or overly sensitive to loud sounds.

Size & Material of Ear Tips

Of all the features of a pair of earphones, the part most of us pay least attention to is the ear tips. But in fact it is the one part that can make or break your experience with your earphone.

Because if you don’t get that right, you’ll be annoyed by your most favorite music.

Here are types of ear tips and their attributes that you must read before making an order for the best kids earbuds.

Single Flange Ear Tips:

Single flange ear tips are the most common type of earpieces that you see on headphones these days. They have a protruding stem which fits into the ear canal and an additional flange which rests outside the ear canal to help retain the earpiece in place.

Wing Tips:

Wingtips are similar to single flange ear tips, but with ridges added for a better grip. This makes them slightly more comfortable and secure in the ear canal.

Foam Tips:

Foam tips are made from soft foam. They come in multiple sizes to fit different size ear canals. They provide a tight seal that enhances bass response and prevents sound leakage, which is important for live performances.

Silicone Ear Tips:

Silicone ear tips are soft, pliable silicone rubber tips that won’t irritate kids’ ears. This makes them the best choice for kids. They’re also good at reducing ambient noise and feature an O-ring design that prevents sound leakage.

Earbuds Cord

The earbud cord is one of the most important aspects of any headset. This is because it is not only the part that helps to carry the sound from your phone to your ears. It is also a part of the headset which can be easily damaged, tangled or broken. If this happens, you won’t be able to listen to your favorite tracks, use Siri or answer calls conveniently.

Most people have experienced this and know how much inconvenience this can cause in their daily lives. Therefore, it is always good to invest in a high quality tangle-free and durable earbud cord for maximum audio and video performance.

Audio Jack

Wired earphones have one additional component: a wire that connects the two earpieces. The wire has a plug that goes into your playback device’s port. This plug can be made from different materials, which can be plated with silver or gold.

The material of your plug determines the amount of resistance between it and your playback device’s port. The resistance will affect how loud the music comes out and how much noise it picks up from your surroundings. Higher amounts of resistance mean less volume and more noise picked up from external sources.

Noble metals such as gold, platinum, or palladium provide better conductivity than lower-priced metals like copper or aluminum. This improves sound quality and reduces outside disturbances while listening to music through your headphones.

Plated plugs are more expensive to manufacture, but they provide a great boost in sound quality for nearly every user.

IP Rating

The importance of IP ratings in a headphone is important. The IPX rating system rates the effectiveness of any headphones to protect against water intrusion. As well as solid objects like dust and dirt.

It’s worth noting that only those earbuds with an IPX8 rating can be considered waterproof, while those that have an IPX4 rating should not be used in any wet or humid conditions, which means they’re mostly suitable for dry environments. A good IPX7 rating will protect your earbuds against water immersion for up to 30 minutes.

Truly waterproof headphones are more and more becoming a necessity, especially if you have kids who love taking things to pools or beaches. In case you’re planning to purchase waterproof headphones for your kids, it would be advisable that you take time to research online about the various kinds of headphones by doing a bit of comparison shopping.

Other factors to consider

  1. Make sure the volume is not too loud – exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing loss, so it is important to monitor the volume of whatever device your child is using.
  2. Choose earbuds that fit comfortably and securely in your child’s ears – this will prevent accidental removal of the earbuds.
  3. Purchase earbuds with a built-in microphone so you can use them for phone calls – if you do not have a device with a built-in microphone, this feature will allow you to use the earbuds for phone calls.
  4. Look for earbuds that cancel out background noise – this will allow your child to enjoy whatever music they are listening to without hearing other noises around them.


The best earbuds for adults are likely not the best headphones for kids, because sometimes the needs of adults and the needs of kids are absolutely, positively different—and that’s okay. Children’s hearing is still developing, so it’s important to choose earbuds that won’t damage their hearing. To help select the right models for children, we’ve compiled a list of best earbuds for them. We hope this top 10 product review and buying guide will help parents make more informed decisions when shopping for the best earbuds to use with their kids.

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