Best Gaming Keypads in 2022

The computer world is evolving rapidly. Every day there are new kinds of devices coming with multiple features. They all purposely increase the performance of the overall system. You need to have all the information about these developments especially if you are a gamer. As a gamer, you would like to improve your performance on a regular basis. Although it depends highly on your style of play. And how much you understand the gameplay. Also, the devices you have, the kind of keyboard you use. Similarly, the kind of mouse you have also play a big part. In order to enhance your game, you need to have a best gaming keypad that supports your gaming. And the is comfortable to use with all the modern features. Today we have brought a list of such keyboards that are considered the top choices in 2021. So, let’s start learning about them one by one: –

1. Razer Tartarus V2

Razer Tartarus V2

There has to be something amazing about the product that reaches on top of the list. This is exactly why Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad is at number 1 place. The product only costs you around $80. And it is a 25-key gaming keypad along with a directional stick. It also has a proper RGB lighting suite. Although it’s an ergonomic gaming keypad and not a full keyboard. But still, it can fulfill the needs of a gamer and it doesn’t need 104 keys.

If you are a professional gamer this keyboard will enhance your gaming sticks. You can buy the gaming keypad with joystick to enhance the overall gaming experience. Because of the directional stick and it is extremely good for competitions. The price is also affordable so you don’t have to be worried. It is a great product at the said price. Let’s have a look at its design: –

Design of V2

It is a small best gaming keypad as explained in the section above. There are four rows of five keys and hand rest on the upper side. If you are at the side, you will see an 8 directional D-pad. There is a small Alt button and a thumb button that can be used as a space bar. All the keys are programmable and you don’t need all the keys for playing a game. So, you can program the ones that you want. And you don’t have to deal with the full keyboard at all. You can easily adjust the hand rest in 2 different positions. It easily reaches out to the whole keyboard at any time. 

The Keypad

The key structure in this keyboard is a bit different from the usual keyboards. And the technology used in the keys is known as “Mecha-Membrane”. There is a membrane underneath each one of the keys. But you will feel like you are using a mechanical keyboard. The mechanical switches have been really popular but these membrane keys also work really well. Every key is responsive and you will be really comfortable using them while you are enjoying a game.

The D-pad is also an interesting feature. As it gives you the feeling of a thumb stick. But it provides you the functions of arrow keys. This way you can use a command between the 2 cardinal directions. Depending upon the game either you can make full use of the pad. In the same way, you may choose not to use it all.

Distinctive Features of V2

The manufacturers have used a special software known as “Synapse Software”. This gaming keypad helps you to program each key a role. Especially, with the help of assigning macros. There are LEDs placed beneath each one of the keys. And you can choose any color between 116.8 million different colors. You can program all the keys and that gives you a great advantage over your competitors. The keys that are near or far away can be assigned different functionalities. They would play to your advantage in difficult gaming conditions.

Performance of V2

After testing the gaming keypad with various games like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, etc. We found that it is ideal for gamers. Especially, the ones who want to play a multi-tasking game. In the genres, where you have to employ as a player you would love the whole experience. The single-player games’ settings highly support such a keyboard. Because you don’t need all the keys apart from a few action keys and the directional keys.

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2. Logitech G13

Logitech G13

There are a number of options in the best gaming keypads genre right now for the games. But you have to keep in mind that you don’t need the whole keyboard for having a great gaming experience. All you need is a few keys and better control. This is where Logitech G 13 Pad can come in very handy. As it gives you WASD control, keystrokes that can be programmed. Nd an option of quick-fire commands. 

Designs of G13 and Feature

It is all about better control when it comes to a smaller keyboard, you would find a palm rest, and a small joystick along with a digital display. It is extremely lightweight and really stable so you don’t have to worry about it sliding during an important match. The connection is made through a Bluetooth USB 2.0 and there is a cable with it as well. The choice is yours and the whole keyboard is designed to perfection with 22 keys and there are 4 dimpled keys in the center as well. The shape of the keypad is designed to support your natural use of the hand and it comes as a really comfortable choice.

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It makes its use extremely comfy while you are in a long gaming session. There is a small joystick device and 2 buttons near your thumb rest and you can easily turn the push-button WASD into analog controls. This gaming keypad with joystick is amazing for game lovers. The whole keypad uses an LCD display underneath the keys and you can also use it as an RSS reader. There are more than 6 buttons above the LCD panel. It is your choice whether you want to turn on the backlight or turn it off. There are 25 functional keys in total and you can program each one of them according to your requirements.

Performance of G 13

The G 13 has a software disc with all the drivers and for editing the macro commands for the keys. The software also provides you the power to change the color of the backlight. It is a necessity to install the software before you can start using the keypad. The gaming keypad comes with onboard memory and it helps you save your settings, your profiles, macros, and keymaps. 

Although the overall usage is extremely good, there are a few drawbacks for example there is a learning curve that comes with it. If you don’t have a habit of using a small keypad you will have to struggle at the start. The macros programming is extremely quick and you have a number of pre-settings available from the Logitech itself. The joystick is also clickable and the LCD provides a reasonable amount of light when it comes to backlit display.

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3. Razer Obweaver Chroma 

Razer Obweaver Chroma

It is another amazing choice in this list and it is also specially designed for gaming purposes. This is why it is present in a different shape as compared to the regular keyboards. The Obweaver has programmable keys and you can change the functionality of each one of the keys as you please. It will cost you around $80.

Design and Features of Razer Obweaver Chroma

It is a small keypad and it would not take a lot of space on your table. The palm rest is higher in this option and the support it provides to the players is amazing. Although you won’t find any kind of digital display with Obweaver at all.

The base of the gaming keypad has rubber feet and there are 3 different parts in this option. The two-piece wrist rest, a keypad, 2 thumb buttons, and 20 programmable keys in total. The whole keypad is created in a way that you can easily access all the buttons include the palm rest and you can easily play for a number of hours without any difficulty.

There are center buttons available in the keypad as well and a set of keys that can be used as WASD keys. A backlit option is available for the keystrokes as well that is green in color and you can set the level of brightness as well. It is a quite a sensitive and adjustable module that gives you a great gaming experience. The thumb controls are extremely well-built and the joystick is replaced with a thumb pad. The button at the bottom is used as a spacebar and overall, it is an extremely comfortable keyboard. You can easily program and reprogram the keystrokes for making the best use of all the available options. You don’t need to install any kind of driver and you would be able to get the full usage of the keys.

Performance of Razer Obweaver Chroma

We tested the keypad on a number of games and the controls provided the freedom to enjoy the gameplay. The easy use of the WASD keys makes it extremely comfortable to mix up the keys using various commands. The thumb buttons have a light actuation force in order to prevent any kind of accidental clicking. The positions of the joystick and thumb buttons enhance the whole experience.

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4. Delux T9 (46 Keys)

Delux T9 46-Keypad

It is another amazing option in this list and it comes without any joystick. The gaming keypad with joystick can also be used for enhancing the gaming feature. There are a number of extra controls available on this keyboard and you would really enjoy using it in any kind of game. All you need is previous experience in using such keyboards otherwise you may have to encounter a bit of a learning curve. The keystrokes are sensitive so you wouldn’t feel like you have to press them really hard while you are competing in a pressured environment. Let’s talk about the overall design of the keypad.

Design of T9

The Delux T9 keypad is a bit different from all the other keyboards we have mentioned in this list. The biggest difference is that you won’t find any joystick in this keypad and there is a unique design on the left side of the keypad as well. The keypad contains different controls that aren’t available in any other keypad. The size is small and it is an extremely lightweight option but it fulfills all of your requirements. The padding on the keypad makes it really comfortable to use in any condition. It comes at an affordable price of around $60 and you can use it in any kind of game. It is best suitable for gameplays involving multi-players and maps and you can get the functionality of a proper keyboard without having to deal with a number of keys at all.

Keystrokes of T9

As clear from its name you would find 46 different keys in this keypad. All the keys are user-friendly and the price tag is also affordable so you shouldn’t be worried about purchasing this option at the earliest. Every key has a defined function and that is why you have 46 keys in total. There is no freedom to program the keys because there is no need anyway. You can easily press any key without having to put force behind it. The whole thing is designed to increase the comfort of using the keyboard so you would have a great time using it.

Distinctive Features of T9

This product has a number of unique features and one of them is having more keys and no programming macros option at all. You can just plug and play the keypad. It is quite easy to use it without any software or a disc installation before starting to play with this keyboard. All you have to do is to purchase it and you can directly connect it with your system to start using it right away.

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5. Razer Nostromo

Razer Nostromo

Razer Nostromo Keypad is specially designed for PC gamers because normally they have to deal with full keyboards that can be really distressing in tournaments. You need a lot of focus when you are playing and if you have to find keys to press during this process the whole experience is destroyed. You don’t want it all while you are gaming you don’t want it all and that is why you need something reliable. Do not risk any part of the system and the keyboard is directly impacting your gaming experience that is why you have to be really careful. The unique controls of this keypad would give you an added advantage and your gaming efficiency would improve a number of times. Let’s take a look at what the design contains for you: –

Design of Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad

One of them is the thumb controls, the second is the keypad, and the third is the palm rest. You would be able to comfortably use all three of these parts as the whole keypad is designed to increase the comfort of the users. The best thing is that you can easily adjust the palm rest and you will have to pull off the palm rest in order to do it. It means that not only you can tweak it but you can completely reset the position according to your preference. 

Now you may be thinking that it would damage the gaming keypad when you are taking off the complete palm rest but that is not the case at all. The palm rest is made for providing maximum endurance and even if you keep changing its position a number of times you won’t feel any kind of discomfort. There is a joystick available with this keypad as well. It is easier to use for every user as the joystick is placed in a position that doesn’t matter what your age is because you will be able to access all the keys and the joystick without any issue. The keypad is available for a price of around $110 in the market and is worth every cent of it.

Keys of Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad

The keys in this keypad have plastic in them and you would be able to use them comfortably. The compact space is smaller as compared to the bigger keyboards so you cannot afford any kind of discomfort at all.  The ergonomics style gaming keypad may be known for not being easier to use but if you start using it you would feel that this keypad is a bit different as compared to all of your previous experience due to the comfort it offers. You don’t need to put a lot of force behind pressing each one of the keystrokes and the 16 keys in this keypad are all programmable. Each one of the keys has a blue LED backlight so you can even use them in a dark environment.

Distinctive Features of Razer Nostromo PC Gaming Keypad

The distinctive features of this best gaming keypad include that it is a classic keyboard with all the modern options available. It means that the overall style looks a bit old but the comfort and the options it provides can compete with any modern keypad. All of the 16 keys available in this keypad are programmable and hyperresponsive. You just need to touch the key in order to press it. There is an option to switch between 8 different kinds of pre-set key mappings and you can change between 20 profiles. All of these distinctive features make it something to look out for and if you want to have an elite gaming experience you cannot let this gaming keypad get away.

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ACEPHA T9 Keypad

Last but not least we have an ACEPHA keypad with us and it is also a great device. You will have the presence of all the necessary key functions in this option and you don’t have to be worried about the price as well. It only costs around $83 and is available in most parts of the world. You can order it online and start enjoying your gaming experience in a better way. Overall, it is a great option because you get numeric keys along with the keyboard that would help you to enhance your performance in games where you require numeric keys. Let’s talk about in detail in the next section: –

Design of the ACEPHA T9 Keypad

It is a cutout of the left half of the keyboard just like the previous version of the Delux T9 keypads. There are 6 basic keys that help you to take the advantage of a smaller keyboard with all the broad functionalities. Apart from these keys you also get to enjoy the numeric keys and the compact size of the keypad makes it easier to use in any kind of conditions. There is a wrist rest available in this keypad that is really comfy and you would also see a big button on the right side of the keypad. 

Keys of the ACEPHA T9 Keypad

When you look at all the keys of the keypad you will notice that there are 29 keys along with 16 rollover keys.  All the keys have a proper separation in them so you won’t have to face any difficulty when you are using multiple keys at a time. In true terms, it is definitely worth the money and you won’t get a better choice in this price tag.

Distinctive Features of the ACEPHA T9 Keypad

The layout of the keypad is quite unique but it acts as a proper keyboard and you will be able to enjoy all the functionalities of the keys. The reason behind it is that you can program each one of the keys that would make it an ideal option for the gamers. There are backlighting options available in this keypad with more than 7 different colors. You can choose the one which is gaming keypad with joystick. 

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We have tried to cover the best gaming keypads of 2021. So, this way you have all the required information to make the final decision. As the above-mentioned keypads are the best gaming keypad. We hope that this piece of content will be useful for you to make the best decision.


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