Best HDMI Switches

Run out of HDMI ports on your TV? Or looking for some reliable and durable ways to eliminate the hassle of wires from your life? You will love these handy best HDMI switches that give you ease. They are perfect for connecting multiple HDMI devices to a single box then funnel them to the TV. Even though if your TV does not have many ports. The HDMI switches give you the freedom to connect up to 5 devices at once. Moreover, also you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy one. 

Especially in the case of a typical home theater setup. If your TV does not have enough HDMI ports. You have to own the best home theater receiver. Best HDMI switches have got you covered up in this regard. They give you the freedom to connect multiple inputs. And give a single output to stream the video or game of your choice. This gives easy switching and without the chaos of wires. 

By connecting multiple devices gives you the ease to connect them to stream them to one signal device or more. Yes, streaming the same video or game on two displays can be achieved by an HDMI splitter. The best HDMI switch for gaming helps great in giving outstanding experience. As their name says they will divide the signals between two devices. 

8 Best HDMI Switches  

With the increasing demand for best HDMI Switches the market is now loaded with a lot of scammers offering low-quality switches. To help you avoid scams. And to make the right decision for your setup we have mentioned the best 9 HDMI switches. All are offered by a leading brand and praised and loved by their users worldwide. We have tested them and also taken reviews from multiple users. That’s why we have mentioned all those top-rated switches in this list for your ease. Give them a read to make an educated decision and to save money.

1. Kinivo 550BN 4K with IR Wireless Remote 

Kinivo 550BN 4K HDMI Switch with IR Wireless Remote

This one HDMI 550BN switch by the famous brand KINIVO. It is one of the best switches with an IR wireless remote. And is highly praised by millions of users around the globe. Features 5 high-quality HDMI input ports to stream 5 devices with 1 output. The utilitarian design and durability make it an exception at an affordable price and compatibility with almost all HDMI-enabled devices. 

The coolest feature of this updated best HDMI switch for gaming is higher bandwidth. Its data transfer rate is 18 GBPS at the frequency of 60 Hz which is very good. In case you are seeking a switch that true 4K HD Dolby vision streaming. And the one for PlayStation 3,4 and Blu-ray player that supports 4k disc. This KINIVO 550BN 4K HDMI switch is ideal. In this regard offering the best 4K 3D streaming for a great experience. At the crisp of 30 to 60 frames per second. 

The manual switching with an IR remote is easier than ever before. But the interesting thing about this switch is that it will shift to the active port. on its own without your commands. And you don’t need to memorize arbitrary HDMI numbers with a 550BN switch. An aluminum body prevents it from heating and this switch comes with a 2 years warranty.

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2. IOGEAR GHSW8181 8-Port with RS-232 Support


This best HDMI switch by the renowned brand IOGEAR is a classic exception. And can be termed as the best switch for high-quality streaming. This HDMI switch with RS-232 supports features 8 input ports. This gives you the freedom to stream on multiple devices at once. And it shows compatibility with multiple devices like game consoles, DVDs, and set-top boxes. 

By connecting so many devices at one place it protects you from the hassle of buying multiple devices. And avoids the tangled mess of a lot of wires. For avid gamers who love to stream this can be a great switch. Especially, to go for as the HDCP compliance. It protects your streaming data and prevents it from getting copied. 

While its sleek design and front LED panel allow you to check the battery status. And gives a clear view of ports. You will enjoy high-end video streaming quality at 1080P resolution in 3D with Dolby true and DTS HD master quality. With the thin and quite minimalist design this switch does not take too much space in your rack. And with the IR remote you can switch panels from the comfort of your sofa.

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3. NETGEAR GS308 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch

Zettaguard is another leading brand in the market. And this best HDMI switch for gaming is one of the most smartly priced options. It is offered by the same brand. This device is specifically designed for dark entertainment hubs. And its size is pretty small too. with this sleek and minimalist design, this device is easy to tuck out of sight. With easy compatibility with desktop or wall mount. 

Gives you the freedom to connect 4 input devices for high-quality streaming and one output. While it features an LED panel on the front and with the help of LED light, it indicates which port is currently in use. 

Comes with a wireless infrared remote to easily swap between different ports so that you can easily shift from one port to another from the comfort of your sofa. If you love multitasking and looking for a device with picture in picture (PIP) mode to toggle between two devices this Zettaguard HDMI switch is ideal. Featuring a utilitarian design this device supports 4K, 2K, and 3D video support. 

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4. Zettaguard ZW410 4 Port & IR Wireless Remote Control

Zettaguard 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch

Hotline Gaming is a highly reputed country in the market providing tech accessories to add ease to the life of gamers, developers, and programmers. This mouse bungee is also offered by Hotline gaming and it is well deserved to be on our list of best mouse bungee. 

This mouse bungee is ideal to keep your cord off your desk away from your clutter and it takes cable management to the next level making it easy to stabilize and improve the response of your mouse. If you are a gaming freak and want to do a long gaming session without any hassle this bungee is a great investment to ensure more comfort and better response while you play games. 

This CASETHRONE mouse bungee features a heavy-duty stability design for anti-slip functioning and is made of three different materials, top head is made of silicon with a central ABS spring arm and a stainless steel base making it durable, reliable, and sturdy. The drag-free cord control enhances your experience and it fits wire of all thicknesses. 

The silicon head of the bungee is removable and gives you the ease to clean your bungee for smooth performance. The lightweight of the bungee ensures better portability and an enhanced experience. Available in three different colors black, pink, and white to best fit your setup.

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5. OREI UHDS-102 UltraHD 4K


ORIE is a worldwide famous brand for producing high-quality audio and video devices and they are exceeding customers’ expectations by providing high-quality products to bring ease to your life.

Seeking the best HDMI switch that is great for multitasking and can also work as a switch/splitter this OREI UltraHD 4K at 60 Hz is a get-to-go. This device with 2 outputs and 1 input makes you able to watch the same streaming on two HD TVs.

This device supports all higher and lower resolutions such as 4K/60 HZ, 1080P, and 720P while it also shows compatibility with essentially all available audio options like DSD/DOLBY, TrueHD/DtsHD, master audio, and all others.

Compatible with all the devices like Blu-ray players, PlayStation 3&4, HDMI display monitor, and TV. This device has a high data transfer of 18 GBPS at the frequency of 60 Hz that prevents any lag during live streaming to enhance your gaming and video quality. While it shows full support for 4K resolution and 3D streaming to watch and play for extended hours without any disturbance.

Features easy plug functionality and with HDCP compliant this prevents your streaming data from stealing. Comes with a 12-month warranty for better reliability.

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6. NerdEthos HD60 4 Port

4K HDMI Switch 4x1

Another amazing addition to our list of best HDMI switches for gaming. This HDMI switch 4K@60Hz is offered by the famous brand NerdEthos and it is loved by people around the world because of its amazing features and reliability. You will love the durable and sleek design while offering massive performance without you spending a fortune to buy an HDMI device.

With 4 input and 1 output panel, you can connect 4 HDMI devices to one HDMI display for high quality and reliable streaming. This also reduces the lag during transmission and also prevents the hassle and fuss of cable on your desk. 

Featuring a simple but sleek design that shows compatibility with desktop placement or wall mount. You can seamlessly switch between TV, monitors, and PlayStation with a high-quality video and exceptional audio that allows you to enjoy the game and video to the fullest. 

The HDMI ports support 4K streaming at the frequency of 60 Hz and show compatibility with all lower and higher resolutions. The coolest feature of this device is automatic switching to the active port or the recently inserted one without your command but you can also perform manual switching with an IR remote. IR remote gives you the freedom to swap between ports from the comfort of your couch. You can buy this device from Amazon at affordable rates. 

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7. ROOFULL Premium 5 Port 4K


Without this best HDMI switch by the brand ROOFULL, the list of best HDMI switches will be incomplete as this is to be in our list of top switches because of its quality and reliable features giving you the ease for better streaming for hours without any lag or signal drop. 

This product is specifically designed to let you enjoy your life more conveniently with the most practical and durable solution. This switch features 5 ports with the latest 2.0 HDMI update that shows compatibility with all HDMI devices like blue-ray devices, PS ¾, pro-Xbox 1, Apple TV, desktops, and many others. 

With this ROOFULL 5 port 4K HDMI device you will enjoy high-quality streaming 4K streaming at the frequency of 60 Hz. And it also supports all the essential audio formats like Dolby Digital, DTS HD to ensure a sensational listening experience. 

With the LED panel on the front and small LED light, you can easily identify which port is streaming and also which is turned off. It ensures data transfer at up to 18GBPS to minimize lag and to enhance your gaming or video streaming experience.

ROOM FULL always takes care of its customer by offering quality customer service and with this product, you will get a warranty of 2 years just contact the manufacturers in case of any problem.

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Seeking the best HDMI switches at affordable rates with all the latest and top-notch features. We are dedicated to helping you in this regard as we have tested the market and mentioned the best switches to make streaming easier and more enjoyable for you without any lag and fear of signal drop during the streaming. These switches show compatibility with almost all kinds of resolutions and support 4k streaming while being very affordable in price. You will not regret spending a little money buying this HDMI switch for your gaming PC or your TV. give the above-mentioned points a read for a better understanding of HDMI switches and to choose the best one.


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