Best Mouse Bungee

Are you looking for some straightforward and reliable solution to declutter your desk? Or do you lose your game every time just because your mouse wire keeps getting stuck on something? The best mouse bungee can fix all your issues.

 It gives you the freedom to work and to play games for extended periods. This does not create any fuss of wires on your desk. A best mouse bungee can be simply defined as a weight that supports the peripherals. This allows to move around a lot like headsets or mice. The mouse bungee takes the weight of the cable. This way it makes your wired mouse act more like a wireless one or at least close to it. The mouse bungee ensures extraordinary cable management and eliminating the cable drag to increase consistency and comfort. 

Mouse bungees can be made of different materials like silicone, metal. and plastic making it an exception for e-sport players. If you are a gamer and do not owe a wireless mouse. You should consider investing in some premium quality best mouse bungee for smooth and accurate cursor movement. 

Top 8 Best Mouse Bungees

The mouse bungees are getting popular that have given rise to the demand for bungees. As a result, many brands in the market are now offering amazing and fascinating bungees. It keeps your wires stable while also making the choice harder. Enjoy budget-friendly bungees.  

We have searched the market and tested the products. After gathering the reviews of user’s feedback to suggest to you the best. The most durable, and glorious mouse bungees are worth the money you pay for them. Give the below-mentioned list a read before you settle for any specific bungee. Especially, if you buying for a gaming setup and to avoid a messy desk. 

1. SubZERO

SubZERO Gaming Mouse Bungee

SubZERO preens itself to offering the most stylish and durable mouse bungee. It is perfect for the gaming experience and to ensure a decluttered desk. As long as you are looking for something affordable and also of premium quality this best mouse bungee is great to go. 

The sleek minimalist design of the mouse bungee ensures drag-free movement. It gives better consistency to eliminates the cable drag and snags. This way you can enjoy smooth gaming sessions for hours and hours. And it does not create any fuss and hassle. In other words, it enhances your gaming session by decreasing the RNG in gameplay. 

The glorious mouse bungee accommodates a wide range of cord sizes for better safety of your cord in 3 different locations. This mouse bungee also features spring arm with different height adjustments. You can easily adjust up to 3 inches. This way your mouse feels wireless and also eliminates the fuss of wires. Now your desk will remain clean and keeps tidy. 

No matter what kind of desktop setup you owe. This lustrous best mouse bungee easily fits and complements it. Its rubber footing part with a 9.4 oz weighted base offers better stability and comfort for a longer time. You can get this SubZERO Gaming Mouse Bungee from amazon at a modest price. 

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2. Razer v2

Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee

If you are a pro gamer you might be aware of the brand Razer. It is well-known in the market. They offer classic and bewildering tech accessories with extraordinary features. It fits the needs of every gamer, programmer, and developer. Razor has been exceeding the expectations of its customers for years. They provide exceptional products and this gaming mouse bungee V2 by Razer. It was really worth the amount you pay for it.

If you are looking for some branded and intriguing glorious mouse bungee. The ones that fit best to your gaming setup and also ensure better cord management. Then this minimal fuss Razer mouse bungee is ideal in that regard. The bungee ensures drag-free cord cable. It controls for a better gaming experience. Its black color and sleek design fit the minimalist set up well. 

The weighted base is the most liked feature of this bungee. As it remains stable even during harsh gaming sessions. It saves your space and manages the cables and cords. 

Made of plastic with the Razer logo on the front. It’s composed of rust-resistant spring arm makes this bungee is more durable and reliable.

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3. Cougar CGR-XXNB-MB1

Cougar gaming CGR-XXNB-MB1 Cougar Bunker

Another attractive peripheral by the Cougar for a precise gaming session and the neat and tidy table this best mouse bungee is a great accessory to keep total control of your mouse and to prevent the wires from tangling to create a mess while you are playing games.

This mouse bungee features a flexible rubber arm that makes you enjoy the reliability, response and accuracy feel like your mouse is in the air, ensuring smooth and drag-free control of your mouse to get the best out of your wired mouse. 

The biggest flex of this bunker gaming mouse is that it features a flexible cord groove to fit different kinds of mice in the market so you do face any kind of inconvenience. The patented design of this bungee is to ensure better portability, durability, and reliability while keeping it steady at all times. 

The ultra-lightweight of this bungee makes it an exception for those who want to play games in and out and you can take it anywhere and it is suitable for both office and home use. Keep your table tidy with this Cougar gaming GCR-XXNB-MB1 Cougar Bunker. 

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ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder

Looking for some cool and sparkly mouse bungee that fits your gaming setup and meets all your needs? This ENHANCED pro gaming mouse bungee is an exceptional addition that is seamlessly integrated with any existing setup and no matter how hard and aggressively you play this bungee will ensure better stability for longer hours and keep your desk organized.

The sleek and compact design of this bungee does not occupy more space on your desk while the LED lights give your set up a more aesthetic look as they feature 7 color modes also a rainbow mode so you can adjust the lighting as per your mood or your setup.

To keep your cable snagging on the edges of your gaming desk this bungee features a spring-loaded cable support arm that acts as the pivot points to control mouse movements and to improve stability, response, and accuracy. 

Another interesting feature that sets it apart from other best mouse bungee is the 4 port USB hub that allows you to connect your keyboard, headset, mic, and other accessories all in one convenient location. Buy this bungee from amazon at affordable rates.

This EDUP PCIe wifi card deserves to be on our list of best PCIe WIFI cards because of its state-of-the-art features and better compatibility. With OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology, this device can receive and transmit data to over 3 devices without any lag. These technologies also enhance your experience in terms of superior speed, ultra-low latency, and enhanced connectivity.  

This adapter also features a heat sink that dissipates extra heat while you are working on programs that push the CPU to its limits. The heat sink keeps the adaptor cool and increases the reliability and lifespan of your PCIe WIFI card.

With the WIFI 6 technology, this adapter supports all high-end functions such as video gaming, 4k video playing, and complex graphic and programing operation with better stability and range.

The Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity ensures a better and faster connection with other devices like a mouse and keyboard. If you are looking for high connectivity speed this adapter based on the latest Intel chip is for you.

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CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable Management

Hotline Gaming is a highly reputed country in the market providing tech accessories to add ease to the life of gamers, developers, and programmers. This mouse bungee is also offered by Hotline gaming and it is well deserved to be on our list of best mouse bungee. 

This glorious mouse bungee is ideal to keep your cord off your desk away from your clutter and it takes cable management to the next level making it easy to stabilize and improve the response of your mouse. If you are a gaming freak and want to do a long gaming session without any hassle this bungee is a great investment to ensure more comfort and better response while you play games. 

This CASETHRONE mouse bungee features a heavy-duty stability design for anti-slip functioning and is made of three different materials, top head is made of silicon with a central ABS spring arm and a stainless steel base making it durable, reliable, and sturdy. The drag-free cord control enhances your experience and it fits wire of all thicknesses. 

The silicon head of the bungee is removable and gives you the ease to clean your bungee for smooth performance. The lightweight of the best mouse bungee ensures better portability and an enhanced experience. Available in three different colors black, pink, and white to best fit your setup.

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6. BenQ Zowie CAMADE II


Another simple yet elegant addition to our list of best mouse bungee. The fascinating exterior of the bungee is designed for competitive performance and prevents the wire from entanglement and creating a mess on your desk. 

This product features a unique adjustable spring that allows users to choose the height according to their comfort while the solid design ensures convenient mobility. Another plus of this BenQ Zowie CAMADE ll is that it is compatible with all types of wires and the rubber clip can accommodate different cables. It shows compatibility with paracord, shoestring, and cables of almost all thickness while ensuring a tight grip. 

 This bungee has rubber feet that enhance the grip. This product is super easy to clean as you can remove the head of it that gives you the ease to clean this stand and it also expands the lifetime of bungee. The is light in weight and the durable spring makes it easy to pack and makes its transportation easy.

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7. Thermaltake Tt e SPORTS Galeru

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Galeru

This best mouse bungee offered by the Thermaltake is available in elegant black color with the brand logo on the front giving it an aesthetic look. 

This bungee is made of plastic material but you still can’t doubt its durability as it is made to last long and to keep your wires from entangling. This product has a strong magnetic head that can be easily detached to ensure better cleaning and make it easy to store. 

Thermaltake Tt esports gallery features a unique minimal crisp design and shows versatile support for various mice in the market and goes well with both thick and thin mice wires. To avoid any kind of inconvenience during your rough gaming sessions this bungee has a sturdy and reliable base that sticks to the surface and provides you with flexibility and balance to enhance your joy. You can buy this product from amazon at affordable rates.

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Last addition in our list of best mouse Bungee but not the least as of this bungee by the brand AOBOR AOZCBOR will not let you down and you will be amazed by its performance keeping your desk tidy and preventing your cables from tangling. 

 Made of two different materials metal and plastic that ensure better durability, stability, and accuracy that you would love during your long gaming session without creating any mess. Has a simple but competitive design that fits best to almost all kinds of mice in the market. 

Flexible Mouse Bungee is not as fancy as other mouse bungees in the market as it just features a simple design, a steady base, and a cardholder that just gets its job done nicely and keeps you entangled. The best thing about this bungee that made this an exception is its affordable price that falls under 10$ so if you are a beginner and do not have a big budget you can go for this bungee and it has got you all covered up.

The manufacturing material means a lot.  Buying the cheap bungee may end up giving you zero features. This means the glorious mouse bungee is not made of premium quality material. and can wobble when you flick your mouse too quickly but 10$ still makes it a better choice to go for.

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We have come a long way to exceeding your expectations. Our major concern is to help you to choose the best mouse bungee. That will give better protection to your mouse cable. Most importantly the one that perfect amount of stability. As Bungees help to keep your desk tidy. Just imagine during your competitive FPS session. 

Sometimes, you may lose because your wire gets tangled up and stuck to the edges of your computer. During such sessions, most heated game, how frustrating. All the bungees that we have mentioned in our list are the best mouse bungees. They are worth your investment to enhance your overall experience at modest rates.