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If you are looking for the best projector under 100 dollars and have little to no idea where to start; then have a look at this detailed guide. We will discuss all the best budget-friendly options available, whether it is 1080p or 4K, indoor or outdoor projectors under 100$ available for purchase in 2022.

Have you been to a movie theater lately? You know, the one that’s got plush seats, delicious popcorn, and that 16-foot tall screen with surround sound audio? Yes, it’s pretty amazing. But what if you don’t want to shell out $50 for some overpriced snacks on top of the $14 ticket price? 

The best one-time investment solution is: buying a cheap projector under 100. With this, a lot of people can opt for a night in on the couch with Netflix. And yes, there is no better feeling than slipping underneath your warm blanket and watching whatever movie you have been wanting to see for months with a freshly microwaved bowl of popcorn.

Best Projector Under 100 Dollars in 2022

Projectors are used to project images or videos on a wall, screen, or other large surfaces. You may want to use a projector for a variety of reasons: you might be giving a presentation at work, you could be showing your kids slides of your latest vacation, or you could just want to watch a movie with friends. Whatever the reason, you might not want to spend over 100 bucks for a projector; that’s where this list comes in handy. These projectors are suitable for people who don’t want to spend a ton on a home theater projector or business projector; but still want a quality image.

1. PVO 300Pro Mini Projector – Editor’s Pick


Display Technology: LCD | Brightness: 3,000 Lumens | Resolution: 800*480p | Screen Size: 150 inches | Lamp Life: 30,000 hours | Warranty: 2-Year

Main Specifications:

  • It can project a display up to 150 inches
  • Small and portable design
  • You can carry it in a bag or pocket
  • Supports full HD display
  • Contains multiple connectivity ports

There’s nothing like watching a movie on the big screen, but what if you didn’t have to leave your home or even spend over $100 to do so? With the PVO 300Pro Mini Projector, you can bring the theater experience home for a fraction of the cost. Supporting 1080P resolution and coming equipped with an LED light source that lasts up to 30,000 hours, this projector offers a clearer and more comfortable viewing experience than many of its competitors.

Weighing in at just 0.75 pounds, this mini projector is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up. It’s compatible with HDMI, USB, and VGA ports and works with all devices including phones, laptops, and gaming consoles, so all you have to do is plug it in and get ready to be amazed by the 150-inch screen that pops up from the small device.

Performance Report:

PVO 300Pro Mini Projector has 20% more clarity than its predecessor, with 1080p video resolution. This projector is also lightweight, which makes it easier to carry around; plus, it’s easy to set up. I found that I could watch a movie with this projector on a 150-inch screen without straining my eyes, which I often have to do when watching movies on my laptop or smartphone. Another thing I like about this projector is how many ways you can connect it to other devices. You can connect your laptop, phone, game console, and more via HDMI cable or Bluetooth. 

The only downside is that the projector is powered by an AC adapter, so there’s no built-in battery. However, most people aren’t going to be moving their projectors around much—they typically stay in place to display videos from one device at a time—so this drawback didn’t bother me much.

2. AZEUS RD-822 – Runner Up


Display Technology: LCD | Brightness: 5,000 Lumens | Resolution: 1280*720p | Screen Size: 200 inches | Lamp Life: 50,000 hours | Warranty: 3-Year

Main Specifications:

  • It can project a display up to 200 inches.
  • Native 1280x720p full HD resolution
  • Uses LED and TFT LCD technology
  • Outputs crystal clear image
  • Built-in 5W HiFi sound speaker

AZEUS RD-822 is a projector with a sharp HD display, and it comes in at under $100. It’s got a 1280x720p image resolution and an impressive 3000:1 contrast ratio. It’s got a built-in speaker, too, which is nice for those of us who would rather not deal with extra audio equipment. There are multiple output options so you can hook it up to your computer, phone, or tablet—and if you’re feeling old school, you can use a USB drive instead.

The lamp life is 50,000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it much. It’s got a throw distance of 5 meters and can project up to 200 inches, so you can use it in almost any space you want to set it up in. Overall this is a great product for those who like having a home theater experience. The screen size is big enough that you’ll feel like you’re watching in your local cinema (without the rude guy who keeps kicking your chair).

Performance Report:

I’ve been looking for a projector to use with my kids’ science fair projects and wasn’t ready to shell out major cash. I found the AZEUS RD-822 and decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did. The picture quality is sharp, the built-in speaker is surprisingly good, and the screen size of 200 inches is definitely large enough for any project. Plus, with the 5000 lumens and 3000:1 contrast ratio, my projects look very professional. The only drawback is that you need five meters of space between the projector and your screen, but I’m willing to work around that for such a low price point. I would definitely recommend this projector if you’re working on a budget.



3. DBPOWER RD820 – Value for Money


Display Technology: LCD | Brightness: 3,500 Lumens | Resolution: 1280*720p | Screen Size: 160 inches | Lamp Life: 50,000 hours | Warranty: 3-Year

Main Specifications:

  • It can project a display up to 160 inches
  • Reliable 1-5 meter throw distance
  • Noiseless cooling mechanism
  • Compatible with Fire TV stick
  • It throws quite a bright picture that’s easily visible even in daylight

The DBPOWER RD820 is a super-cool projector that won’t break the bank. It’s got all the specs of projectors three times its price—3500 lumens for excellent display, copper tube cooling technology to keep the noise down, and a 1-5 meter throw distance range so you can take it with you without hassle. You’ll be impressed by the picture quality, and your friends will be too. At just under $100, this projector is a steal. It’s great for movie lovers who want to feel like they’re in the theater at home or gamers who love to have their friends over for epic Super Smash Bros sessions.

Performance Report:

I’ve been a projector lover for as long as I can remember. But sometimes, you just want something that’s easy to use and doesn’t break the bank—and in my opinion, DBPOWER RD820 is the best projector under 100.

Here’s why:

First of all, it’s got an amazing display for its price point. With 3500 lumens and a great contrast ratio, it puts out a clear picture in even well-lit rooms, which isn’t always the case with projectors at this price.

Second, its fan is super quiet; so quiet that you’ll barely notice it running in the background while you’re watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite game on the big screen.

It’s also got a 1-5 meters throw distance, so finding a room where this thing won’t work is going to be tough. And if you’re like me, and often travel between places where friends and family have different home entertainment systems, this projector works with Fire TV Stick as well as any other devices you might need to connect to it! 

Best of all: its 50000-hour lamp life means it will last for years and years without needing to be replaced. 



4. DIWUER – Best Home Theater Projector

Display Technology: LED | Brightness: 4,200 Lumens | Resolution: 1080p | Screen Size: 200 inches | Lamp Life: 55,000 hours | Warranty: 1-Year

Main Specifications:

  • The picture can get up to 200 inches wide
  • It has Dolby Digital sound
  • You can screen mirror with WiFi using this projector
  • It has connectivity for both Android and iOS phones, as well as USB and WiFi connectivity
  • high lumens lamp which can last up to 55000 hours or more than 6 years of use

Projectors are a hit or miss sometimes. They usually either come with great features, but they’re overpriced, or they’re affordable and underwhelming. But DIWUER has made one of the best projector under 100 that comes with all the features you need to get the most out of your movie nights at home.

The 4200 lumens lamp delivers clear, crisp images on screens up to 200 inches and 6 meters away, so you can see every detail no matter how far away you’re sitting. It’s also got WiFi connectivity built right in, so you don’t have to worry about hooking it up to your phone for screen mirroring. Just get the app and connect!

If you don’t want to use the WiFi connection, it’s also got USB connectivity, so you can hook up via cable instead. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even get Dolby Digital sound from this baby! It’ll make any movie theater jealous.

Performance Report:

It’s not just the best projector under 100 dollars. It’s an experience. When I first opened the box, I felt like I’d been handed a present. The packaging was elegant and well-made—not something you see with most electronics today. 

I was expecting to have to spend a good amount of time setting this up, but it was so easy to get off the ground. It has wifi built in so you can cast your phone or laptop onto the screen, which is great because it took me a while to realize I didn’t have to hook it up to my computer via USB (though that option is available too). That was a pretty sweet surprise!

The picture quality blew me away. It’s crisp, sharp, and bright even in full sunlight. And the sound quality is surprisingly great too! After trying it out just by myself for a few days, I invited some friends over for some Netflix and chill, and we could all hear perfectly without having to crank up the volume louder than we’d want it during normal use. It also has Dolby Digital Sound though, so if you want to go crazy with that surround sound effect you can do that too.

It’s got an insane lamp life of 55000 hours—that’s more than 6 years. Honestly, I’m not sure what else I could ask for from a projector. This one really has everything I’d want for under $100.



Other Best Projector Under 100 Dollars

Here is the other top list of best mini projector under 100 USD. They are still good portable projectors although they are not among the top 5 that we reviewed above. Nonetheless, they are cheap, have great presentation quality and size, and all of them received positive feedback from most customers.

5. Dr. J 4 HI-04 Mini Projector


Display Technology: LCD | Brightness: 1800 Lumens | Resolution: 1080p | Screen Size: 170 inches | Lamp Life: 55,000 hours | Warranty: 3-Year

Main Specifications:

  • It’s super portable, you can literally hold it with one hand
  • It has low energy usage
  • The native contrast ratio is 2000:1 
  • The one-step projection for movies and videos

Dr. J 4-inch Mini Projector is a super portable projector that will fit in the palm of your hand, so it’s never been easier to take a big screen with you wherever you go. This lightweight projector is ideal for presentations on the go, but it can also be used for family movie nights at home or in a quiet environment. It can project images with up to 11 feet projection throw and supports 1080p resolution, meaning that you’ll get a crystal-clear picture no matter where you are.

This best mini projector under 100 has a 2000:1 contrast ratio and offers accurate colors, so your images will be vibrant and true to life. It also boasts impressive energy efficiency, using just 10W of power even when it’s on standby mode. With its one-step projection system, you can easily set up your own cinema wherever you are. Simply connect your device using an HDMI cable and you’re ready to go!



6. THZY Mini Projector 2200 Lumens


Display Technology: LED | Brightness: 2200 Lumens | Resolution: 1920*1080p | Screen Size: 300 inches | Lamp Life: 50,000 hours | Warranty: 2-Year


Main Specifications:

  • The higher contrast ratio makes colors pop
  • The solid build means that it’s sure to stand up to years of wear and tear
  • You can connect everything from your laptop to your phone to your gaming console
  • Uses an advanced LED bulb that lasts longer
  • Projects bright colors and crisp images

If you’re looking for a projector that lets you enjoy your favorite shows and movies in style, look no further than the THZY GP16. This LED projector uses an advanced LED bulb that offers higher contrast ratios than other projectors in its price range, so you’ll be able to see bright, vivid colors. It also projects up to a whopping 2200 lumens—even sharper on screens of up to 300 inches—and is designed with a silent cooling fan so you don’t have to worry about overheating or distracting noise.

The THZY GP16 also has pretty much everything you could want in terms of input options. Whether you prefer HDMI, VGA, USB, or AV, this projector can take it all. Plus, it’s built with a solid metal exterior that won’t break down over time—you really get what you pay for with this one. It even has a built-in speaker so you don’t have to worry about connecting external audio equipment.



7. Crenova XPE496 – The Cheapest Pick


Display Technology: LCD | Brightness: 2200 Lumens | Resolution: 800*600p | Screen Size: 180 inches | Lamp Life: 50,000 hours | Warranty: 1-Year


Main Specifications:

  • Produces a screen size up to 180 inches diagonally
  • Square-pixel system delivers a consistent image quality 

The Crenova is designed for projection in dark rooms and can throw an image as large as 180 inches. This is the largest screen you’ll find for under $100—another great feature of this projector. The picture is also pretty consistent, giving it an edge over other projectors in its price range.

While the square pixel system makes it easier to project video vertically without distortion, it also means that color saturation isn’t as sharp compared to other projectors. However, this shouldn’t be a huge problem, especially if you’re using the projector with a white wall and not a screen. All in all, if you’re looking for the biggest image on your budget, then this projector might be right up your alley!



8. CiBest – For Personal Use


Display Technology: LCD | Brightness: 7500 Lumens | Resolution: 1080p | Screen Size: 100 inches | Lamp Life: 30,000 hours | Warranty: 1-Year

Main Specifications:

  • It is plug-and-play, portable, and has no blurring.
  • The lamp life can last up to 30,000 hours. 
  • It is suitable for small and big rooms with keystone correction and remote control.

The CiBest projector is a plug-and-play model with some impressive specs. It’s small and lightweight, so it can easily be taken from room to room or even just moved to another area of the same room depending on your needs. Don’t worry about any blurring and only expect crystal clear images as long as you’re within an eight-meter range. And, with a 30,000-hour lamp life, you won’t have to replace it for years!

When it comes to versatility and affordability, CiBest has got both bases covered. No matter if you need it for a big presentation or a small gathering, the CiBest projector will not disappoint. The keystone correction makes it easy to adjust any distortions (if they even happen), and the remote control makes operating simple. The only thing we didn’t like was that the speakers were rather weak (but let’s face it—most internal projectors have quiet speakers).



Buying Guide for Projector Under 100

If you are considering buying a projector for your next home movie night, this projector buying guide will help you make an informed decision about your purchase. Today’s projectors are incredibly lightweight, portable, and inexpensive. They’ve also improved image quality and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. 

So you’ve decided that you’re going to buy a projector for your home theater. There are a couple of key things you need to ask yourself before pulling the trigger. First and foremost, how much do you want to spend? Second, what resolution do you want? Our buying guide will take you step-by-step through the process of answering these questions so that you can make an informed decision on what projector to buy.

Display Technology

When you’re buying the best projector under 100, there are many things to consider, but display technology is one of the most important. The way your projector displays images can make or break your viewing experience, so it’s worth taking the time to educate yourself on the different technologies available.

There are three main types of display technologies: DLP, LCD, and LCoS. Each of these technologies has pros and cons when it comes to projecting images.

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. This technology uses microscopic mirrors that move rapidly back and forth to project an image onto a screen. It is generally considered the best technology for projecting dark images, but some people find that it has a “rainbow effect” in which colors flicker when viewed from a certain angle.

LCD technology uses liquid crystal panels that produce an image by blocking light from a source. This technology is usually better at producing brighter images than DLP or LCoS technology, but it is often less sharp than other options.

LCoS stands for Liquid Crystal on Silicon. Like LCD, this technology uses liquid crystals to project an image onto a screen, but it also incorporates silicon chips to enhance brightness and contrast. It produces very good quality images that are sharp and vibrant. But these projectors are bulky and expensive.


Lumens are important because they determine how much light your projector will project. The more lumens, the brighter the image. So if you’re going to use your projector in a room with a lot of ambient light, or you tend to have bright lights on during presentations, a higher lumen count is going to be very important for you. If you’re working in a dark room or a room where you can easily control the lighting conditions, then brightness might not be as much of an issue for you.


When you’re shopping for a projector, one of the most important things to look for is connectivity ports. The ports allow you to plug in a USB flash drive, computer, or other devices to your projector and can help you get the most out of your setup. Most projectors have at least 2 ports: HDMI and VGA, and some even have a third port for composite audio/video. HDMI is the best option when it comes to quality, so if possible choose a projector with an HDMI port. If you’re looking for the best possible picture quality, make sure that the HDMI port supports High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP), which will allow it to project high-resolution content from streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu.

Throw Distance

One of the most important considerations when it comes to projectors is throw distance. Throw distance, which is also known as “throwing distance,” is the shortest distance that a projector can be placed from the wall or screen and still get a projected image that’s big enough for your audience. It’s not necessarily a fixed measurement—throw distances are normally provided as a range, allowing you to place your projector at any point within that range. These ranges are generally shown in one of two ways:

1). Depth of field (DOF)

DOF refers to the amount of space behind the projection lens where the light beam can focus on a flat surface. The further away from the lens you move, the larger the projected image will be, but it will also become less sharp and more blurry across its entire surface.

2). Throw ratio (TR)

The TR specifies how large an image will appear based on how far away you place your projector from your screen. For example: If your screen is 100 inches wide, and your projector has a TR of 1:2, then you need to place your projector 200 inches from the screen.

Projection Size

Projection screen size is a measure of how large your projector can project the image, measured horizontally. For example, if your projector has a projection screen size of 30 inches, then it can display an image that is 30 inches across diagonally. Obviously, this number depends on the projector’s distance from the screen—the farther away it is, the larger the screen size. But, as you might expect, this also means that the image will appear dimmer and less sharp if you increase its size.

Most people probably don’t need to worry too much about this distance effect or have high expectations for large images. You’re most likely going to be buying a projector for home use, and you aren’t going to have a large space—like an auditorium—to project on anyway. Your average living room or bedroom should work just fine for most projectors on the market today.

Contrast Ratio

A projector’s contrast ratio tells you how much brighter white will be in comparison to black on your screen. So if you have a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, it means that white is five thousand times brighter than black. Most people are looking for projectors with as high of a contrast ratio as they can get because higher ratios mean sharper images and darker blacks (and darker blacks mean better visibility of detail).

Final Words

Projectors are a great tool to have around, especially if you frequently give presentations at work or like to spend the weekend watching movies on your projector. With less than 100 dollars, you can get a pretty good projector if you know what features to look for and where. If you don’t have enough money to order a high-end and expensive projector, but you still want an excellent device for your home or office, we recommend you consider buying one of our recommended best projector under 100 USD. At this price, you are able to buy basic models with all the necessary functions.