Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

Fed up with those old keyboards that show a lack of auditory. The ones which show tactile feedback, and give your fingers a tiring. Do you feel mushy feel after you type on them for a few hours? Looking for a superior and more reliable? Upgrade your gaming setup with best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard for an enhanced gaming experience. 

The term “Tenkeyless” refers to the keyboard with the numeric keypad removed. While typing or gaming there is not much use of a numeric keypad. S As it gives more space to your mouse to maneuver and easy access for right-handed people. With the removed Numpad the keyboard takes less space on your desk. While the compact design of the best mechanical keyboard gives you a rock-solid and magnified gaming experience. 

Mechanical keyboards are more viable and a better alternative to those old battlewagon keyboards. The thing that gives the mechanical keyboard an edge over those old versions is the type of switch it uses. They feature a spring for a push-back mechanism. After pressing the switch activates a physical switch that registers what you type. This is far more reliable and faster than that old dome-switch technology. While you can also hot-swap the keys according to your desires. 

The latest best mechanical keyboard offers a span of over 50 million strokes. It gives a longer life span while featuring three variants. One is linear that ensures constant resistance. While the two are textiles. One is for audible stroke and the other for the non-hearable bump. You will appreciate the highly portable and lightweight design of the latest mechanical keyboards. That you can easily pack in your backpack and can carry them around. 

5 Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are in rage right now. It makes the choice difficult for you. They are now available in different flavors. To meet all the desires and needs of a buyer. For instance, plain models for productive-minded users. While the keyboard is replete with LED blink for hardcore gamers, ergonomic, and other models. Tenkeyless keyboards are a bit of an investment but if the quality of typing matters to you. The high-tech features and full-size counterparts of the mechanical keyboards make it worth the money. To make the choice easy for you we come up with a fully reviewed list of the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboards that are worth your investment and will bring ease to your life. Give the below list a read to make your search a breeze and to make an informed decision. 


1. HK Gaming GK61

GK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Another classic addition to our list of best tenkeyless mechanical keyboards. This GK 61 mechanical keyboard features some cool and reliable features that make it an exception for you if you want to skyrocket your E-gaming or typing career. It is easy to hot-swap them to your wish. 

The other cool features include 16.8 million color combinations for more flexible and colorful performance. While it also features multiple backlit mods such as ripples, aurora, music, waves, rainbow, light, and many others. You also do not need any drivers for its installation; it’s just a simple plug-and-play small form factor keyboard.

This mechanical keyboard will make your life a lot easier by showing compatibility with Mac and Windows. Precisely it is compatible with windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista, windows XP, and Mac OS. What sets this keyboard apart from other keyboards in the row is its macro recording and many other features. Such as it records macros through the software while customized advanced features and personalized function keys. 

Comes with a USB type C to type A cable of 60 inches and it is suitable for both offices and homes. Holds very little space on your desk by leaving a tiny footprint due to its compact design. 

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2. G.SKILL KM360

G.SKILL KM360 Professional Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

Another great and affordable best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard in our list to make sure that you do not have to pay a fortune just to get the latest keyboard for your gaming setup. This keyboard is offered by the G.Skill store which is well-known in the market for producing high-quality gaming accessories. You will enjoy the latest top-notch features at a modest price with these cool gaming accessories by G.Skill.

This G.Skill KM360 professional tenkeyless keyboard features that old keyboard look but it is nothing less than today’s fancy keyboards. Having a compact design provides you with ease and comfort while its portable design makes it easy to carry in your backpack to take anywhere. Contain the most popular CHERRY MX key switches. These switches fetch their high-quality standards. It is rated for over 50 million keypresses. 

The cool features of this mechanical keyboard include wear-proof keys that use ABS dual-injection keycaps. This means you cannot swap the keys according to your will like printed or laser etched keycaps. This keyboard ensures high durability as it is made of premium grade aluminum top plate making it a more reliable and suitable solution for gaming. Featuring floating keys for easy cleaning, ergonomic keys, white light LED for better performance in dark. For added ease and comfort this keyboard comes with an N-key rollover.

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3. HyperX Alloy Origins Core

HyperX Alloy Origins Core

Because of its solid and durable build that is designed to last long and also feels solid to type on. This means it gives your keyboard a longer life span and you can play and type freely without any hassle.

The frame of the HyperX alloy origins core keyboard is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy metal that makes it reliable and sustainable for gaming and typing. You will love the extra compact design of this keyboard that has to offer better portability. This means if you are planning to go outside or to a LAN party you can easily carry this keyboard in your backpack because of its lightweight.

If you want more for less this mechanical keyboard is the most budget-friendly choice for you while it offers all the top-notch features to diversify your gaming experience. Multimedia options are also available for options keys while the sparkling RGB lights with dynamic effects give you a more colorful and flexible working or gaming experience. Comes with a detachable USB cable for better portability and easy carrying. 

Features all the latest gaming technologies like N-key rollover functions, 100% anti-ghosting, and equipped with latest HyperX Ngenuity software.

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4. MSI Vigor GK60 (Cherry MX Red)

MSI Cherry MX Red

This MSI Cherry MX red mechanical gaming keyboard is designed specifically by keeping hard-core gamers in mind. As it features fast-paced gaming actions and very little actuation force for a smooth gaming experience for extended periods. Made of aluminum alloy metal that exhibits durability, sustainability, and reliability so that you do not have to worry about buying a new keyboard for longer years. 

But if you are looking for a keyboard for typing or daily use rather than gaming this is an exception. As this features all the necessary features to perform all kinds of tasks via floating keys and for hard-core gamers, it features N-key rollover and window key lock for a smooth gaming experience and to prevent mishaps. 

The coolest feature of this best keyless mechanical keyboard is cherry MX red switches with dynamic color effects and you will love the durable back aluminum frame. The classic and strong keys of the keyboard can endure a heavy barrage of strokes during rough gaming sessions for hours. While the floating keys give you the freedom from the hassle of cleaning. Comes with fine-tune detailed settings with a gaming center. 

What gives this MSI Cherry MX red mechanical keyboard an edge over other keyboards in the market is the exclusive gaming base that provides incredible feedback and ensures an anti-slip gaming experience.

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5. SteelSeries Apex 7

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL

If you are a professional gamer or seeking a best-in-classic gaming experience to take your esports gaming career to another level. Try getting this classic Apex 7 TKL Compact mechanical keyboard offered by the SteelSeries Store. If you are looking for a keyboard that gives the best feel and function while being the most durable. This pro mechanical keyboard is an exception and will satisfy all your gaming and needs. 

You will love the OLED smart display of this keyboard that gives you the freedom for adjusting settings and to fly on the info straight from your game or other apps by just pressing the keys. Features a guaranteed span of 50 million keypresses with a 45 g actuation force for superior performance.

Its unique key floating design makes the cleaning of the mechanical keyboard super easy without any fuss. While the steel engine software gives you a more colorful working experience by providing backlight for keys. Features a premium magnetic wrist rest for better comfort of your palm and wrist. While the gaming technologies include N- key rollover technology and 100% ghosting-free performance. The other cool features include an imageSync Gif converter that converts animated gifs to illumination effects enhanced gaming and typing. 

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If you are seeking a more reliable and accurate gaming or typing experience getting a best mechanical keyboard really worth the investment. Equipped with all the latest technologies and mechanical switches it enhances your gaming experience and brings ease to your life. The term “Tenkeyless” is referred to the keyboard with the Numpad removed as it is almost of no use for most gamers and typists. With the removed Numpad the keyboard leaves a smaller footprint and occupies less space on your desk. Giving you more space for your mouse to maneuver freely. They are more compatible and more accurate than that old membrane keyboard. If you are confused about getting the right mechanical keyboard. Our list of the best 5 tenkeyless mechanical keyboards to make an informed decision.


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