How to Turn off Bose 700 Headphones

how to turn of bose 700

How to turn off Bose 700 will not remain an issue once you read this article. In this world of tremendous penetration of technology, the Bose is one of the best investments. To make things more attractive for you, this product brings 11 different levels of active voice cancelation. Because of this, you can enjoy your music, podcasts, calls, or audiobooks without irritation and distraction. Moreover, you can experience amazingly crisp sounds coming from this product. All the minute details that you were not able to listen to now will be in your reach thanks to the Bose 700. You can also listen to the sonic details from the profound mid-range to the deep, full bass. After using these headphones, you will experience a balanced sound no matter which volume you play.

Not only this, it excels other brands that cost more when it comes to distortion elimination. On top of that, this product also gives you access to Alexa, and Google Assistant for navigation, weather updates, and many more. With technology comes confusion about its use. In the same way, turning off Bose headphones may annoy those who don’t know much about technology. To help you out, we have accumulated this piece of relevant information. Read this article and understand how you can turn your headphones off.

Turning off Bose 700 Headphones

These headphones come with both, manual and automatic, turn-off options. As far as manual turn-off is concerned, press and release the Bluetooth/Power button on the Bose 700 with a double-click. However, the automatic feature of turning them off initiates after the device does not move for ten minutes. In our opinion, these headphones are one of the best noise-canceling headphones on the market. For desirable sounds, no one currently can beat this excellent model.

The active approach of the Bose does away with distractions in almost any setting including on ferries, an airplane, or busy intersections. This advantage is not limited to these distractions. Instead, you can use it for voice pickups for your calls.

Besides, the Bose comes with an excellent mic system along with adaptive features to counteract the impacts of your current surroundings. What it means is that the person you are on call with will listen to your clear voice even if it is windy outside. These headphones exclude every irrelevant voice.

Not only its functions but also the hands-free design makes it possible for you to keep things in control. However, if you want to make manual adjustments, the earcups provide intuitive touch controls that let you stay connected without having the need of handling your cell phones. But in a case, you forget to turn your headphones off like most people, you should not worry about draining your battery. The unit will automatically turn them off after ten minutes. Now you may ask what makes them shut the unit off by itself. A motion detector that comes with these headphones does this. In short, there are more than one ways through which you can turn your small earbuds off.

Why Won’t the Bose 700 Headphones Turn Off?

Although the motion detector system of these earbuds is effective, it is not s foolproof system. And when you take them off, the motion detector senses that you have put them on a desk, table, counter, or any other place. Then it starts the shut-down sequence after ten minutes. After the time-lapse of ten minutes without movement, the unit shuts them off and thus preserves your battery. If you are the person who uses the Bose 700 earbuds for travel or commuting, there may not be a place where you put your headphones for ten minutes to initiate the shut-off sequence. Most of the people in this situation put them into the bag, stuff them into a pack and get going. When you experience the same situation, you may need to recharge your battery.

However, there is a backdrop of the motion detector. Since it senses movement, if you are walking with these noise-canceling headphones in your ear, the motion detector will notice movement and not shut them off automatically. Knowing the importance of this factor, the brand ensures a battery life of up to 20 hours. So, the motion sensor can automatically turn your headphones off after ten minutes if it does not sense any movement.

Turning on the Bose Headphone Accidently

Some people may experience a dead Bose 700 while traveling. How you keep them in the headphone case becomes the reason for this. Most probably, you can trip the power button with a gentle tap which you don’t notice and do most of the time. In this situation, any movement that these earbuds detect keeps them on. What it means is that your battery will start consuming from the second you put them in the case. The battery may reduce from the full charge in most cases. Most of cases, we keep our headphones near except when we are sure we no longer need them. And when you want to use them the next day after you put them away overnight, you may be surprised to know that they are dead. An accidental tap on the power button causes this.

For battery, the claims of the brands don’t always live up to the rhetoric because it does not last for 20 hours. For example, if you change playlists, switch between devices, or take calls, you will notice a sharp decline in the battery life.


This brand comes with manual as well as automatic modes of turning your headphones off. Automatically, the motion sensor can turn them off after sensing no motion for ten minutes. And for manual mode, you have to press and release the Power/Bluetooth button. However, the motion sensor can dry your battery by keeping your headphone on by sensing any movement.

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