How to Pair Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds

how to pair skullcandy wireless earbuds

Pairing your brand new Skullcandy wireless headphones with a Bluetooth device can be confusing for the first time. Confusions may result from experiencing issues such as one earbud being paired or not knowing how to do this at all. If you are going through the same situation after buying Skullcandy wireless earbuds, you are where you should be. The details of this article help you brush away confusion and become aware of how to connect them with each other. Read this article to walk through the pairing process.

How Can You Pair Skullcandy Earbuds to Bluetooth?

As it was said earlier, the process of pairing can be confusing. However, with relevant guidance things can get easier. This is what we have tried to do in this writing. A step-by-step explanation guides you through this dubiety. Following are some steps through which you can pair your device with your headphones. Go grab your earbuds and let’s start.

1. Activate Pairing Mode on Your Skullcandy Headphones

Like most other rivals in the market, Skullcandy comes with a few buttons on the side. That makes it easy to navigate. Easy navigability leads to the Power On/Off button. These headphones can be featured in two ways. First, the Power button may serve as the Bluetooth activation button. Secondly, there can be separate buttons for each. What it depends on is the model of your product.
In order to activate the pairing mode in your Skullcandy headphones or speakers, press the Power/Bluetooth button for up to 4 to 5 seconds. Upon activating the pairing mode, the LED light starts flashing. Also, the likelihood is that the power button may also give you access to other modes. To avoid any confusion, read the owner’s instructions.

2. Search Your Speakers on Your Bluetooth Device and Connect Them

As a second step, activate Bluetooth connectivity on your device be it a laptop, Android phone, or any other Bluetooth device. Moreover, making your device visible is the next thing to do. You will not be able to connect both your device if your earbuds are not set to visible. For this, your headphone must appear on the visible lists on your laptop or phone. However, what is important to remember is that every device has its own pairing process. Let’s discuss them separately.


For connecting Bluetooth on your Mac, go to the Apple menu, select System Preferences, click on Bluetooth, search for your Skullcandy earbuds and then choose “Connect.”

iOS (iPhone)

The process of pairing on Ios is similar to that of an Android. Locate the setting, activate Bluetooth, look for your device in “other devices” and select it. The pairing process is complete.


For pairing with your Android device, go to setting, turn on Bluetooth, select “pair new device,” select your Skullcandy wireless, and wow! You have successfully paired both your devices.

Windows 10

Unlike phones, the pairing process is different on Windows 10. Here you have to click on the Bluetooth button in the toolbar, select “show Bluetooth devices,” select “Bluetooth and other devices,” and tap on your Skullcandy headphones or speaker for pairing. However, in case you are unable to find the Bluetooth button in the toolbar, locate Bluetooth in the taskbar at the far bottom of your display. Below the upward arrow, you will find it. The next steps are the same in both cases. Alternates for searching Bluetooth in your Windows are many. You can search it on your Windows search box. Select “Bluetooth and other devices” and then click on your speakers.

How to Confirm Whether Pairing is Successful

Your Skullcandy device will inform you in a number of ways once they are successfully paired. First, you will hear a beep sound, and secondly, the LED light will stop blinking. Upon activating Bluetooth connectivity on your speakers, the LED light will start flashing. The LED light will stop blinking again once you pair your device successfully.

Troubleshooting your Bluetooth Connection

But if you don’t hear the beep sound or see the light stop blinking, try it again. If it fails again, reset your Skullcandy headphones. Keep this in mind the resetting process may differ from one model of Skullcandy to others. What is most suitable for you is to go through the user manual to avoid any scepticism. As a standard process on your smallest earbuds, you turn them off, hold down the minus and plus buttons concurrently and wait for the double beep sound.

Fixing One Earbud Connecting

Another common problem you may face is connecting only one headphone to your device. If you are facing the same issue, don’t worry. We are here to help you. Follow the below-mentioned steps to fix this issue:

  • Turn off the Bluetooth from your device (laptop, phone, or tablet)
  • Turn your Skullcandy on
  • Press on the center of the search earbud four 4 times. Doing this will reset and turn off your speakers.
  • Put your earbuds in the case and close the lid
  • Your pairs will successfully pair with each other
  • A beep will notify you of the successful pairing of both sides.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth from your device and initiate the pairing process

Now both your sides are paired.
As the pairing process varies differently, the steps mentioned above will not be the same for every product. For your convenience, the relevant speakers are named as well. These include most of the Skullcandy wireless headphones (Grind Wireless, Hesh 2 Wireless, Hesh 3 Wireless, Crusher Wireless, Icon Wireless, Riff Wireless, Crusher 360 Ultra-Realistic Audio, and Venus Noise Canceling Wireless), Skullcandy earbuds (Jib Wireless, Ink’d Wireless, XTfree BT Sport, Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless, Method Wireless Sport Earbud, and Push Truly Wireless Earbuds), and Skullcandy wireless speakers (Soundmine, Ambush, Air Raid, Barricade Mini, Barricade BT, and Barricade XL BT).

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