10 Best Smallest Bluetooth Earbuds

If you are an active person, who likes to listen to music while running; or if you just want a pair of reliable and nice-looking earbuds on your way to work; you will definitely appreciate our review article on the top 10 smallest Bluetooth earbuds.

Everyone loves to enjoy their favorite music on the go, whether it’s just walking to the store or jogging in the park. At times, though, you don’t want to be completely wired up with your giant headphones taking up a lot of space in your bag or carrying around some heavy equipment that constantly bangs into things as you move about. Have you ever wished your earbuds were easier to carry around? Have you ever wanted earbuds that could go with any outfit, but still look cool and stylish? 

The best solution is a reliable pair of small wireless earbuds. One of the best features of small earbuds is portability. They are not only lightweight but super duper small, too. Thanks to their size, these tiny earbuds are easy to throw in your gym bag or backpack; and forget they are there till you’re ready to use them. They also come with a carrying pouch that doubles as a charger!

10 Best Smallest Bluetooth Earbuds: 2022 Reviewed

The market is saturated with a huge amount of the smallest earbuds. It can be difficult to know where to start and which ones to choose. In our reviews, we test the best smallest earbuds in the market for features, sound quality, design, battery life, noise cancellation; and whether they are worth your money. We have tested the smallest earbuds from top brands like Apple, Beats, and Bose. We also reviewed smaller brands that sell quality products at lower prices. After much research and hands-on testing, we’ve determined that these are the best smallest bluetooth earbuds to get in 2022.

1.Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Earbuds

Battery Time: 6 Hours | Charging Case: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Water Resistant Rating: IPX4 | Mic: Yes | Weight: 0.019 lbs

The Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Earbuds are the best smallest Bluetooth earbuds on the market. They feel like they’re custom-made for your ears with their soft silicone cone-shaped design and comfortable fit. The seal you get when you put these in your ears creates an unparalleled noise reduction; and the crisp high fidelity audio will impress even the most discerning of audiophiles.

The battery life is incredible, too—up to 6 hours on a single charge. And if six hours of battery life isn’t enough for you, don’t worry; the case doubles as a charger, so you can easily recharge them twice whenever you need to. And they’re water and weather-resistant, so you can take them out on your jog in the rain, worry-free. With a microphone built-in, you can take calls using these small wireless earbuds, as well as 30 feet of wireless connectivity from source (your phone or computer); it’ll be hard to go back to any other pair of earbuds once you’ve used these. The set comes with 3 different ear tip sizes so you can find just the right fit for your ears.

Hands-on Experience (Main Highlights)

Noise Cancellation – The biggest thing that stood out to us was the noise cancellation. It’s incredibly quiet. You can listen to music at a low volume, and it’s like you’re in a room alone where there’s no sound; and you don’t even have to turn up the volume.

Quiet Comfort – The next thing we loved was the quiet comfort. The earbuds are comfortable and fit snugly; so you can wear them for a long period of time without feeling annoyed or like they’re going to fall out of your ears. They also do a great job at blocking out noise when not playing music.

Comfort Fit – Finally, we were impressed by the fit for small ears. The earbuds come with three different sizes of wingtips and ear cushions, which makes them suitable for almost all ear types.



2. SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro

Battery Time: 8 Hours | Charging Case: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Water Resistant: IPX7 | Mic: Yes | Weight: 0.073 lbs

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro are the best smallest Bluetooth earbuds you can get; and that makes them an obvious first choice for many people. They’re incredibly light, weighing only 1 ounce per bud. They’re also a solid product; they have an IPX7 rating, which means they can survive a dunk in water for up to half an hour without damage. And of course, they have all the features you’d expect from a modern flagship pair of earbuds: mono mode, virtual assistant integration, hearing impairment assistance, bass boost sound.

The handy mono mode lets you easily listen to music with only one bud in your ear (so you can hear what’s going on around you); and an amazing hearing impairment feature that gives you the ability to adjust the volume of your environment so you can hear everything clearly without blaring music into your ears while doing it. Their bass boost sound is also great, and their noise-canceling is pretty darn good too. The only real downside? These guys only have 5 hours of battery life. They do come with a charging case that gives another 10 hours; but if you’re taking them on a long trip, be sure to bring the charger.

Hands-on Experience (Main Highlights)

Tiny Ear Friendly – The first thing that caught me by surprise was how comfortable they are. They fit into my tight ear canals perfectly and don’t budge unless you physically take them out; no more constantly readjusting your earbuds because they keep falling out during a run!

Sleek Design – The next thing that stood out to me was the design: these buds are sleek and mirror-finished and just look like a million bucks sitting on top of your ears—it’s hard not to feel cool when you wear them.

Pure Sound – Finally, the sound quality is crystal clear—perfect for every genre, from hip-hop and rock to acoustic folk and classical music. Even better? If you want to hear what’s going on around you (if you’re out for a walk or need to listen for traffic), you can adjust the EQ settings with one-touch controls.



3. Skullcandy Jib True Wireless In-Ear Earbud

Battery Time: 6 Hours | Charging Case: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Water Resistant: IPX4 | Mic: Yes | Weight: 0.10 lbs

If you’re looking for affordable, great-sounding earbuds that can keep up with you on your next workout, I’ve found them. Say hello to the Skullcandy Jib True Wireless in-Ear Earbuds. You might not expect much from a company like Skullcandy—whose history might be better known for its stylish designs and questionable reputation than for its sound quality. But these little buds knock it out of the park, so don’t let a brand-name bias hold you back.

I’ve tried a lot of different true wireless earbuds over the years, and these little guys have won me over with their sleek design, great sound quality, and comfortable fit. Because I’m always running around between meetings and getting sweaty at the gym, durability is also key for my earbuds. These are sweat and dust-resistant, making them perfect for my lifestyle.

And 22 hours of battery life means I can wear them all day at work without worrying about recharging them every few hours (though they do come with a carry case that doubles as a charger). For music, podcasts, calls—whatever—the Skullcandy Jib True Wireless in-Ear Earbuds have got you covered.

Hands-on Experience (Main Highlights)

Impressive Battery – They also have a really impressive battery life—22 hours (whoa) with the charging case. And if you’re listening solo? You can use either bud on its own for up to 6 hours of playtime. Not bad!

Good Sound – The sound is good too—not perfect, but pretty close for the price point. You’ll get immersive, bass-boosted audio without any distortion at high volumes—and the Jibs allow you to adjust how much bass you want with the touch of an earbud.

Convenient – These smallest in ear wireless earbuds are really convenient because they can be used as either a left or right bud solo—unlike many other wireless earbuds. And that means that when one falls out during your workout, it’s no big deal! No need to pause your music or scramble to find the microphone. You won’t miss a beat!

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4. Sony WF-1000XM4

Battery Time: 8 Hours | Charging Case: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Water Resistant: IPX4 | Mic: Yes | Weight: 0.09 lbs

If you’re looking for water-resistant earbuds, come with an ergonomic design, and have been crafted with the most premium materials possible to provide you with a perfect fit every time, then you’ve come to the right place. The Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds offer excellent noise cancellation, an incredible battery life, and a premium design.

The new version of the WF-1000XM4 hidden earbuds by Sony is a premium choice for anyone who wants to take their listening experience to new heights. They’re designed in such a comfortable way; that you can listen for hours on end without having to worry about them falling out of your ears or feeling too tight (or too loose). And with their IPX4 rating and foam ear tips, they can get wet without becoming damaged; perfect for those rainy days when you want to keep listening to your favorite music. The V1 processor and 360° reality audio also make these headphones an excellent choice if you want to feel immersed in the sounds of your favorite artists. And because they come in black and silver color variants there’s sure to be something that fits your style.

Hands-on Experience (Main Highlights)

Industry Leading Drivers – The Digital Noise Cancellation is awesome—it feels like your whole world shrinks down to just you and the music you’re listening to. And if you add in the Advanced Sound Drivers that are in these headphones, it’s almost like you’re at a live show. The sound quality is super high definition, and the bass makes you feel like you’re really getting into it.

All Day Comfort – The earbuds are really comfortable to wear. I was worried they’d make my ears hurt after a while, but they didn’t at all. They fit perfectly, and they stay securely in my ears while I’m walking around or dancing or rocking out on guitar.



5. SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2

SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2

Battery Time: 7 Hours | Charging Case: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Water Resistant: IPX4 | Mic: Yes | Weight: 0.35lbs

You’re going to love SENNHEISER Momentum True Wireless 2 as your smallest Bluetooth earbuds. They’re sleek, well-crafted, and have awesome sound quality. First things first: they’re designed to be worn all day, so they’re made with a 7 mm dynamic driver that’s the smallest wireless earbud on the market today. They come with a super-comfortable silicone case and will stay in your ears even through sweaty workouts. Plus, there’s a built-in equalizer for quick adjustments and touch controls for when you need to make them on the go.

They’ve got great battery life too—up to seven hours of playtime on a single charge! If you want to up your game, even more, download the Sennheiser Smart Control app and take advantage of features like active noise cancellation and an equalizer that lets you customize your bass and treble settings. 

Hands-on Experience (Main Highlights)

All Genre Compatibility – Their sound quality is top-notch. They have great noise cancellation technology and produce excellent audio across all genres. Whether you’re listening to hip-hop or classical music or watching an action movie or stand-up comedy routine, you’ll experience it in high definition with these little buds.

All Day Comfort Fit – They’re also very comfortable. You should be able to wear them all day without any pain. They fit perfectly into your ears and stay in place even as you move around, whether that’s just walking down the street or jogging on the treadmill at the gym. This means no more dealing with loose earbuds that fall out every few minutes!

Premium Appeal – Going from their looks: these things are sleek, stylish, and make a statement. The black casing and silver accents make them look expensive, and they feel incredibly sturdy in your hand. The case that comes with the headphones is even more striking. The matte finish is smooth to the touch and makes opening and closing it a pleasure.



Other Best Smallest Bluetooth Earbuds

You’re probably thinking: “Man, I have a lot of options for tiny little earbuds that won’t fall out of my ears.” And you’d be right. You’ve got a lot to choose from. Here are some other top contenders for the best Bluetooth earbuds. We haven’t tested the below-ones personally, but these are rated highly as per user reviews and ratings.

6. SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2

Battery Time: 5 Hours | Charging Case: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Water Resistant: IPX4 | Mic: Yes | Weight: 0.011 lbs

It’s hard to find the right set of earbuds. There are so many options out there, and it feels like every new release is bigger than the last. Well, enter the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2! In a market full of bulky and clunky earbuds, these tiny little guys give you everything you need in a pair of earbuds—and nothing you don’t.

These earbuds have a playful rounded design, with noise-canceling and superior audio quality that will blow your mind. A triple microphone system allows you to use the earbuds for calls as well, giving you clear communication for all your remote meetings.

And speaking of remote meetings, we love that the earbuds have an auto switch feature for other devices on the Galaxy platform, so if you’re using them with your phone and get a call on your laptop, they’ll automatically switch over to answer it there instead. This is our favorite option by far when it comes to picking small-yet-powerful earbuds. Coming in at under $200, they’re a great value and a solid buy!



7. Sony WF-C500 Earbuds For Small Ears

Sony WF-C500 Earbuds For Small Ears

Battery Time: 10 Hours | Charging Case: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Water Resistant: IPX4 | Mic: Yes | Weight: 0.3 lbs

These earbuds are for all the small-eared people out there who have ever had to deal with discomfort, slippage, and simple inconvenience when it comes to their audio gear. We’ve all felt it—you try to put your earbuds in, and they just don’t fit. They’re bulky, or they fall out of your ears. And then you have to stuff them in any way, because what choice do you have?

But not anymore! Sony’s WF-C500 wireless headphones are specially designed for people with smaller ears. They feature angled silicone tips, an ergonomic surface, and a truly snug fit that stays stable and comfortable throughout your whole workout. They also have up to 14 hours of battery life so you can get through your whole day without needing a charge. Plus, they’re water-resistant in case you sweat a lot. The best thing about these earbuds: they’re just SO easy to use. I’m no tech wizard, but they are super intuitive and fast to set up.



8. JBL Tune 225TWS

JBL Tune 225TWS

Battery Time: 25 Hours | Charging Case: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Water Resistant: No | Mic: Yes | Weight: 0.125 lbs

The JBL Tune 225TWS is one of the best smallest in ear wireless earbuds you can buy. They are very small and compact but pack a ton of features. The design is very sleek, making them both attractive and discreet.

The earbuds are very portable because they can easily fit in your pocket or bag. They last for about 25 hours with the case and have a fast charge feature that gives you 1 hour of playtime after charging for only 5 minutes. These earbuds also have dual connectivity, meaning that you can connect to two devices at once (like a phone and laptop). This is great because it makes switching between devices easier, instead of having to manually do this every time on your device.

They also have great noise handling performance, meaning that you won’t hear too much background noise when listening to music or watching videos with them. I would recommend these earbuds to anyone who wants high-quality sound in a small package.



9. TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds

TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds

Battery Time: 6 Hours | Charging Case: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Water Resistant: IPX 8 | Mic: Yes | Weight: 0.11 lbs

We love tiny things. Tiny dogs, tiny sandwiches, you know the drill. And we’re here to tell you that if there’s anything in the world better than tiny sandwiches, it’s tiny earbuds. The smaller, the better—and these babies are as small as they come.

The TOZO T12 Wireless Earbuds are the best-fitting little buds around. As soon as you pop them in your ears, you’ll notice their comfortable design and lack of sound leak—two qualities that are hard to come by with earbuds this tiny! But don’t be fooled by their size: these bad boys have noise isolation, Bluetooth 5.0, an LED battery display, and a whopping 5 hours of playtime.

Not to mention they’re IPX8 waterproof/sweatproof (the highest water protection rating for earbuds), so you can wear them in any situation without fear of damaging them.

And if all that wasn’t enough: they have a smart LED display that tells you the battery level of your case and the individual earbuds? What more could you want?



10. SoundPEATS Mini Wireless Earbuds

Battery Time: 5 Hours | Charging Case: Yes | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Water Resistant: IPX5 | Mic: Yes | Weight: 0.125 lbs

These earbuds are the bee’s knees. If you want the best little Bluetooth earbuds, these SoundPEATS Mini Wireless Earbuds are IT. They’re small and versatile, but they still have all the functionality of the big guys, like HD call quality and AI noise cancellation. They even have a Bluetooth 5.2 connection, which makes them more reliable than a lot of other earbuds in this price range.

Whether you’re going to the gym or commuting on a bus, these earbuds will keep you connected—and they’re barely noticeable while you’re wearing them! They fit comfortably and snugly in your ears, so they won’t fall out when you’re moving around or jostling about—and their IPX5 rating means that if a little sweat gets on them, it won’t be an issue. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that packs a punch, look no further than these SoundPEATS Mini Wireless Earbuds. They are also an ideal pair of small earbuds for kids.

SoundPEATS Mini Wireless Earbuds



Benefits of Small Earbuds

There’s no doubt about it: big headphones look cool. For some of us, they’re even a fashion statement. Not to mention, they’re really good at blocking out noise. So why would anyone want earbuds for small ears? Well, we’re here to tell you that there are more benefits to small earbuds than you might think. Here are just a few:

– They’re portable. When you have giant headphones on, you can’t just slip them into your pocket or throw them in your bag. With small earbuds, you don’t have to worry about that!

– They’re easier to use when you’re exercising or in motion. You’ve probably noticed that when you wear big headphones, they tend to bounce around a little bit as you walk or run. It can be distracting and embarrassing (not to mention annoying). But with teeny tiny earbuds? No bouncing! Just pure mobility and ease of use.

– They won’t mess up your hair! Let’s face it: big headphones are great for blocking out noise, but they’ll also block out any breeze that hits your head—which is bad news for anyone who’s trying to keep their hair looking great during a workout or commute. Small earbuds fit right in your ear and won’t disturb any hairstyle.

– They fit tight ear canals. Not all ears are created equal—and that’s ok. If your ear canals tend to be on the narrower side, you’ve probably experienced the discomfort of wearing standard-sized earbuds. The good news is that small earbuds help you get a more comfortable fit by giving you a snugger seal in your ear canal, which helps reduce noise from outside sources and gives you better sound quality from what you’re listening to. Plus, smaller earbuds tend to be lighter weight, so they won’t weigh your ears down.

– They won’t fall out when you’re being active. Big earbuds tend to be heavier and will often slip out of your ear when you’re working out or moving around. With mini buds, you can focus on whatever activity you’re doing without having to constantly adjust the buds in your ears.

User Buying Guide

It can be hard to find a pair of small Bluetooth earbuds that you love. Sometimes the fit is too tight, or they don’t stay in your ear well enough. Other times, they might not be waterproof or the sound quality isn’t good enough. In those cases, it’s better to do your research and make the right choice instead of getting something that won’t work for you. This buying guide will tell you everything you need to know before buying the best tiny Bluetooth earbuds.


Choosing a high-quality Bluetooth headset is really important if you want to take advantage of the full functionality of your earbuds. If you go for low-quality buds, you might be able to answer calls and play music—but you likely won’t be able to adjust volume, change tracks, or use any other built-in technology.

And don’t even get me started on the sound quality. If you want your music to sound crisp and clear, and your calls to sound as though they’re happening in the same room as you, then you must invest in a quality headset.


You’ve probably been to the store and tried on shoes, right? Well, it’s kind of like that—only more important. If you’re looking for a good pair of earbuds, you want to make sure they fit properly.

They should stay snugly in your ears while you sleep, run, bike, or listen to music as you walk through the city. You want them to be comfortable for hours at a time. In order to get this perfect fit, we recommend getting earbuds with adjustable tips and wings.

The tips are the little rubber pieces that fit inside your ear canal, and the wings help stabilize the buds along the outer part of your ear. 


You’re going to be wearing these all day, so make sure they’re comfortable! Try them on and walk around for a bit. If you start to feel them digging in, give your ears a break.


Get a feel for the controls. If you’re on the go, you’re going to want to be able to easily pause or skip tracks at a moment’s notice. Make sure the controls on your earbuds are easy to use, especially if you have big fingers!


See if there’s a microphone. Are you going to use these for phone calls? If so, make sure they have a microphone! You’ll thank yourself later when you’re talking to your mom while running errands and don’t have to hold up your phone.

Ear Tips

Select smallest in ear wireless earbuds with soft, flexible silicone/foam tips and check that the tips are marked as hypoallergenic.

Silicone is a soft material that will conform to the contours of your ear canal, which makes it more likely to seal in sound.

You should also look for hypoallergenic ear tips because they are less likely to cause irritation or itching, which can happen if your skin is sensitive to certain chemicals.

Battery Life

If you want to use your earbuds for long stretches of time without having to pause or plug in, you’ll want to make sure they’ve got high battery life.

Bluetooth earbuds with 6-hour battery life are pretty standard, but if you want a longer-lasting pair, look for 8 hours or more.

Fast Charging

When buying your next pair of Bluetooth earbuds, be sure to check the charging time. Earbuds use a rechargeable battery, which means you’ll have to wait for them to charge up before you can use them.

Some earbuds only need an hour or two of charging, but others may take up to a few hours. You don’t want to have to wait around for your earbuds to charge when you could be listening to music instead.

Therefore, it’s important to know how long it takes for your earbuds to charge, as well as how long a fully charged pair of earbuds will last you since this will affect your ability to use them when you need them.

IPX Rating

We recommend finding Bluetooth earbuds that are resistant to sweat and water at varying levels. The best way to do this is to check the IPX rating of the particular earbuds you’re interested in.

The IPX rating system runs from 0 to 8, with zero being not water-resistant at all and 8 being totally protected against prolonged immersion in water, like if you accidentally drop the earbuds in a lake or river.


So there you have it! Our top picks for the best small Bluetooth earbuds. We hope these reviews gave you some ideas for how to choose your next pair of small wireless earbuds; and we wish you the best of luck in your search.

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