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How You can Reset your Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds

How You can Reset your Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds

This article is about how to reset Skullcandy wireless earbuds. Skullcandy comes as a cheaper alternative as compared to some top products that lessen the price with inferior sound quality, and a cheaper exterior. Notwithstanding with sorry state of affairs, these earbuds are among the first choices among younger audiences because of their lower price. Moreover, their availability is not an issue as you can find them in every retail store throughout the country. Diverse buying options are available in different Skullcandy items whose prices range from 200 dollars all the way down to eight-dollar earbuds. No matter whether you either own comfortable headphones or you are using miniature wireless headphones, this article is of great help to you.

When you buy any product, an instruction manual comes with the product to help customers. However, the manual does not cover how to reset your Bluetooth connection from a smartphone to an audio device, computer, or whatever your item of choice is. In this situation, those who are not adeptly adept in technology find it hard to reset their device. To help you, we have combined relevant info about how you can reset your Skullcandy earbuds. Let’s start without further delay.

Resetting Skullcandy Headphones/Earbuds

Skullcandy comes with plenty of options when it comes to headphones or earbuds. Regardless of the model you are using, this basic run-down proves beneficial for resetting your Skullcandy products. However, knowing the limit of everything, nothing stops us from admitting there will be a product in the future this article may not be helpful for. But for all the Skullcandy earbuds that are available on the market, this article throws ample light on how to reset them. In addition, we will focus on crisp and to-the-point things in this guide. For a general idea of the location of switches and buttons, you should rely on the instruction manual. Use the manual whenever necessary. Following are the steps to reset your Skullcandy earbuds. Follow them and beat the heat.

  1. In order to reset your Skullcandy items, you must ensure that currently it is not paired with any smart device you do have.
  2. If it is connected, go to the device that your earbuds or headphones are paired with. From the Bluetooth menu, do remove your Skullcandy from the list of compatible devices. Besides, switching off Bluetooth is another option to be certain that it is not paired with any device.
  3. As the next step, turn off your Skullcandy earbuds or headphones. Wait for a few seconds to make sure the headphones are properly turned off.
  4. Once your earbuds are properly shut off, press both the “+” button on the power button and the volume button. You must hold both the buttons for at least five seconds.
  5. If the above-mentioned process goes correctly, you have successfully reset your Skullcandy earbuds or headphones. Now you can pair them with any device you want.

Resetting Skullcandy Indy Evo

As it was mentioned above, Skullcandy has diverse options when it comes to headphones or earbuds. In this article, we will discuss separately how you can reset them. The first product we will go over is the aesthetically subtle and pleasing Indy Evo earbuds. Whether you have the specialty Budweiser cover or minimal black exterior, the below-mentioned instruction for resetting are the same for both. They are as sequenced:

  1. Very much like to earlier instructions, first of all, make sure your earbuds are not paired with any device from the Bluetooth menu. As an alternative and more certain way, you can turn your Bluetooth off.
  2. Then press and hold the power button on both headphones for at least six seconds to turn them off.
  3. Once they have been turned off, press the same power button for at least ten seconds.
  4. After pressing the power button for no less than ten seconds, put your Indy Evo earbuds into the case and wait until the corresponding LED lights to flash red. Now you can remove them from their case. Now the earbuds can power on without assistance. The LED will flash blue when they connect to each other.
  5. An audio prompt will indicate when your headphones have synced. Now you can pair your Skullcandy earbuds with any device you want.

Resetting Skullcandy Dime Earbuds

To reset Skullcandy Dime Earbuds is an easy task. Although it may appear difficult at first, the case is otherwise. With the help of the following instructions, you can easily reset your Skullcandy Dime Earbuds in minutes. Let’s reset the Skullcandy

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth capability on your device and forget the headphones in your menu of pairing Bluetooth devices.
  2. Remove your Skullcandy Dime from the case. They will turn on by themselves after a few minutes.
  3. Again make sure your headphones are not connected. After this, press and hold one of the earbud buttons twice and press it for at least two seconds.
  4. Congratulations, your Skullcandy Dime earbuds are successfully reset.

A blue and red alternating light will indicate to you that your headphones are ready to pair with any device you choose.

Resetting Skullcandy Jib Earbuds

Another article we will reset is Skullcandy Jib earbuds. These fancy-looking headphones are an ideal choice for those who want to have earbuds that look like a miniature jump rope strewn around your neck. Let’s reset them now.

  1. Like all other devices, you must first make sure Bluetooth is off and your device has forgotten your Jib earbuds.
  2. As a next step, take your Skullcandy headphones out of their case and turn them off as well. Press down on both power buttons of your headphones for not less than four seconds to do this.
  3. When both earbuds are shut off, repress both power buttons for at least ten seconds. Although you have successfully reset your Jib earbuds, again go through the process of powering on and off one more time.
  4. If done correctly, your headphones will turn on by themselves. The blue light will flash as an indication that both the earbuds are connecting to each other.

Bravo! You are successful in resetting your Skullcandy Jib earbuds.

Resetting Skullcandy Push Earbuds

These one of the smallest wireless earbuds are favorites of many. These little auditory headphones perfectly fit into your ears. However, resetting them is not as easy as with other products. But their look is objectively really great which makes them a priority choice for most of the customers.

  1. You have guessed it correctly, switch off the Bluetooth from your device and forget the Skullcandy Push earbuds from the dropdown list of the Bluetooth menu.
  2. After this, what you need to do is to turn your headphones off as well. So, remove them from their charging case.
  3. Similar to other earbuds, hold and press both the power button on the ear headphones for at least six seconds.
  4. If they are still on, ensure they are powered off now.
  5. Once you are certain that they are powered off, hold both the power buttons for no less than ten seconds. You have successfully reset your earbuds.

If you are not sure whether you have correctly followed the instructions and want to confirm, put both the earbuds in their charging case. If the LED flashes red, remove them from the case. After a few seconds, your earbuds will turn on by themselves and the two LED lights will flash blue. Cheer up, you have successfully reset your Skullcandy Push Earbuds despite the convoluted design of Skullcandy.

Resetting Skullcandy Sesh Earbuds

The next product we will sequence the instructions for resetting is Sesh earbuds from Skullcandy. No doubt, this item is one of the most comfortable and affordable options available in the market. Like their affordability, it is simple to reset them and takes only a couple of minutes. Let’s get that through.

  1. First thing first, forget and remove the Sesh earbuds from the dropdown list of compatible devices from the Bluetooth menu. Your Bluetooth must also be turned off on the currently paired smart devices in the next step.
  2. Unlike other earbuds, take only the left earbud and push the button six times. After this, the light will blink red thus turning your earbuds off. Place your earbuds in the charging case afterward.
  3. As a second step, repeat everything you first did but now with the right earbud instead.
  4. If done rightly, Sesh earbuds will pair with each other the next time you remove them from their charging case. A beeping audio prompt will determine this.

All is well. You can now pair your Skullcandy Sesh earbuds with any device you want because they are successfully paired.

Resetting Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

Availing yourself the multiple options of earbuds, if you have content with wireless headphones, feel free and have a sigh of relief. It is incredibly easy to reset Skullcandy headphones. Although practical information about resetting is not extensive, virtual information on the internet is in multiplicity. Let’s have a look.

  1. As a first step, press and hold both the lower and upper buttons lying on the right side of the headphones. Wait and let the LED blink yellow for three seconds.
  2. Forget your Skullcandy headphones from the Bluetooth-compatible list on your smartphones.

Congratulations, you are successful in resetting your Skullcandy Crusher headphones. Now you can pair them with any device you like.

Resetting Skullcandy Hesh & Riff Headphones

Last but not the least, the process of resetting Skullcandy Hesh and Riff headphones is also easy and simple. No matter which product you use from both, they have an almost identical resetting process. Let’s have a look.

  1. First, forget your Hesh and Riff from the Bluetooth compatibility list. After this turn the Bluetooth off from your devices.
  2. Simultaneously, press and hold both the main button and the volume button on your headphones for at least three seconds. The LED flashes and an audio prompt will tell they are disconnected.
  3. After this, the Skullcandy begins to repair which means you have successfully reset your headphones. In order to be absolutely sure they have been reset, wait for the vocal queue that shouts “pairing.”

The process is easy, isn’t it? Now you can pair your Skullcandy Hesh & Riff with any device you want.

Closing Words

For sure, this guide will help you a lot if you are to reset your Skullcandy earbuds. For a number of reasons, you have to reset your wireless headphones/earbuds. The lack of information in the instruction manual is not only annoying but also time-consuming. We are aware of this reality. That is why we happened to gather complete info about this subject. With the help of these instructions, you can easily reset your Skullcandy earbuds notwithstanding any model you use.